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When you press the "No" button, the animation plays for the "Yes" button.

Do you mean that you pressed N but then the green thumbs up appeared? Or that the image of the small green Y button looked like it depressed when you hit N, but you still got the red thumbs down afterwards as intended?

No, the big red thumbs down button appears correctly; it's the little green "yes" button in the dialog bubble that animates instead of the little "no" button. The correct response happens - everything works correctly except that in the little dialog that shows "yes/no", the wrong button animates when you press your answer.

Gotcha. The small y/n buttons in the dialog bubble are just on an animation loop showing that either one can be pressed, they are totally disconnected from your input and only ever line up by chance. I've heard of a few people thinking that they represent your actual button press though, so I think I will change how that animation works to reflect what people are expecting. Thanks, I'll have it changed around in the next update.