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Been super busy most of yesterday and today, so still not much progress, at least not exciting stuff. I'm also booked all day tomorrow, so I won't have time for more until the weekend >w<

Since last time, I managed to find a way to get tiles animated in GameMaker, which is horrendously more difficult than it should be. So far I'm just using it so the water actually looks watery now, but I'll surely find lots of other ways to use this system. Here's a gif:

I also completely rewrote all of my movement code. Long story short: it was shitty and buggy before, and totally awesome now. It also supports diagonal walls now, so you won't get caught up on terrain as much anymore. Here's another really unexciting gif:

I realise these things are not very showy, as it's mostly behind-the-scenes work. But if I don't put effort into these systems, the game will be shit. Next up is the combat system, which is probably when the game will get really exciting!