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Aw. That was just... nice. The music reminds me of the WTNV music by Disparition. The visuals are lovely and the worlduilding's pretty great! In fact, I'd've liked it to be longer, to see more from all these other monsters along Vil's route and what else is going on in the world!

A few things struck me as unusual choices that, if the devs are still watching this page, I'd like to hear more about!

(Mild spoilers ahead for anyone perusing the comments section)

-The punishment salt baths - Vil has the option to linger at one and the next day we see the remains of either three or maybe one-but-jostled - seem like they should be leading to something.  Are these for worldbuilding's sake or do they tie into a route I haven't found yet?

-How did you decide on this layout? You commented below about the prose-heaviness prompting a change from the usual VN layout, but why have the prose on the left versus the right side of the screen? I often found myself so sucked into the prose I forgot to glance to my right to see the monster boys' cute expressions!

-Interesting that the choosing a route happens sequentially rather than all at once ('Yiestol or not? > Brettan or not? > Nyargh or not?' vs something like having Vil finish the salt route on Day 2, offering the player the chance to follow up with 'Yiestol or Brettan or Nyargh'). I kinda ended up doing Yiestol's route first because I felt bad skipping out on him - which I bet would've been true no matter who we encountered first. Can you tell me more about this decision?


We're really glad you enjoyed the game and thank you so much for your comment and your lovely thoughts! It's really interesting to hear this kind of feedback on how you experienced and thought about these things, and I'm really happy to answer whatever I can!

- The punishment salt helps add a little more context to the world, but it's really just for flavour! Since we get to learn more about Yiestol's job as a community overlook operator, we thought it would be good to portray what happens when monsters transgress against each other or generally make trouble for others, and how routine this sort of sight becomes for people living there.

- I'm not sure we had anything particular in mind with choosing the right art display over left! Since the natural movement of reading for English readers is left to right, it might be that we instinctively prioritised the text over the art a bit more.

- I think we really liked the idea of integrating the choice sequentially because it followed the manner that Vil's day goes - they meet people one by one as they traverse on their route. That way, you also get to learn a bit more about them before having to make a particular choice, by having this back-and-forth small-talk before it's time to decide. An unintended side-effect is that it seems like many people do play in order of character introduction, which we felt was probably the best order for the stories.

Thank you so much for the questions and your lovely thoughts!