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Just bought this and got to say.. nice work and NICE additional assets BUT why would you leave the assets like this? you should re-edit this pack to actually fit the correct sizes you intend them to be used at and not leave it up to the person to resize them when importing or whatever. 

I placed down the 'tree stump with axe' and i got a system error on SGB that caused SGB to shut down, losing my progress I had not saved because it was HUGE !!

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Sorry for that :( I'm still learning, I'll try to make them "ready to use" without resizing. Already fixed the stump to the proper size (you can just redownload).

nice :) hopefully you can get the rest resized also. Glad you are trying to resize them.

Yes, I'll try to fix everything before adding something new. Thanks for motivation :)

Most assets are large because you can always shrink -- not scale upwards effectively.

It's best practice actually.

Thanks for approving. I hope you like it.

That may be the case if they are not too large but when they are large enough to actually cause the program to crash and shut down when importing them then they are still too large. NO ONE in their right mind using SGB are going to use models THAT size in their game, even if they were scaled down to half the size they are/were that would have been better.

In my defence, at the time of OP..  I was new at using SGB and had no idea there was scaling options when importing.

I get what you're saying, but that doesn't sound like something that would be the fault of the asset provider.
There are many practical reasons why a program would crash and not many of them have anything to do with the size of a scalable asset.

(Which is why I took the time to point it out.)