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I don't use Paypal.
- Regards

Alchemy can be raised by training with Ryoko.

Q: Why won't the game run on mobile? Is there something wrong with the game? A: Most likely not if you can't get the project to run. Android has a built in security measure that prevents games 2gb or larger in size from running without certificate. To play via mobile try Joi Play ( , if for some reason that doesn't work - try playing via PC. If you have managed to run the project and run into any other issues, visit the discord server so to report the issue - ( ).

Thanks for reaching out!
This is the last story event in the public version of the game. If you'd like to progress further, check out the 2.8 version here on, or 3.0 over on Patreon.

You can check the status screen (story tab) in order to get hints about what to do. Click the star next to the text and you will see suggestions that tell you exactly what to do to advance the story.

I think we spoke a few days ago, but for the sake of other readers I'll respond here.

On Android, there's a chance you may not be able to read all of the tasks should you not play in 16:9 ratio.
Tasks aren't things that need to be completed , but rather they explain what you should do in order to next advance the story. So, doing one of the tasks won't cause it to "update" or be marked as complete. It's not that kind of system (although, now it does make sense and maybe I'll try implementing that in the future).

You can also view direct instructions on what to do next by clicking the Star button next to the current story entry.

I Agree, it's one I've been considering for some time, but I haven't gotten around to implementing damage over time effects.

That's true. I've not gotten around to exploring custom keys for Ren'py at current. Honestly I've been so swamped with work that I've been focusing on what I need to know in order to complete my tasks. 
It's always a help to learn something new though.

Interesting! I'm glad to see someone is having fun with it. I can't wait until chapter 1, so I can add many more alchemy traits.

Thanks for the praise. I'll look into fixing this. There actually aren't supposed to be so many traits so I'm certain I've done something wrong ha ha. 

Let's gooooooo

Fixed it, thanks!!

Not yet!

Oh, you're right. I thought I left it there. I must have moved it to make space.
The preferences button is the second icon along the bottom row of the screen however, so it's still present.

Volume setting is under the preferences window. You can reach it from the navigation menu (right click, then you can lower volume).

P.S.S. To anyone I downvoted, I did so in order to try to float this comment further to the top, since it answers your questions about Android. Nothing personal! (It was only like 3 comments where I basically suggested the same fixes from here.)

Also, could the viewers of this post please upvote, so that it can stay near the top for a bit? It would be very helpful.


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Hello folks, first and foremost I apologize for the tough time folks have been having with regard to android builds. There are multiple reasons for this, which this comment aims to address. It's a bit of a long read, but I recommend taking the time as it will answer your questions.

However, if you don't like reading, there is the TL:DR version, yes you can play on mobile, but you need to use Joi Play.

If you're curious as to why, read on.

All builds of the project come from the same source code. Other builds don't present this particular game breaking issue, therefore it's not a bug in the sense that it's something which can be fixed by me. In other words, I am not the root of the issue for this particular bug.

Regardless of that, I share your frustrations, so I've literally spent months attempting to pin down why this happens and fix it.

This is what I've found:
The game files are somehow being corrupted during the Android build process itself.

Regardless of changes, or fixes, to the source code, this problem still occurs. 

This is a strong indicator that the problem is with Rapt, the program used to build Android games with Ren'py, or configurations of it being used with Ren'py. It's complex stuff which I have not the time nor desire to delve into. Therefore this leaves players with one solution:

Joi Play is a program that was bought to my attention a few weeks back. It allows you to play some PC games on your phone essentially from what I understand. Using this, you should be able to play Hom Factory on mobile.

Conversely, building games in Android also comes with a 2 GB file size limit. Meaning that, in order to continue playing on mobile you would need to use Joi Play anyway at this point, or simply play on PC. Moving forward, Android builds will no longer be offered, you will need to use Joi Play. This isn't something I can control at this point, so you could consider it the natural progression of the project.

0.28 has already reached and surpassed this size limit, so I strongly recommend that you use Joi Play.

There are instructions on how to do so here:

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for your patience as I attempted to solve this.

Android build has always had issues after a certain point.
I've tried to pin these down, but it really seems like a phantom bug associated with the build process.
As such, I've stopped updating android versions of the game. Instead, you can use Joi Play to play on mobile.

Check out the latest release post (or the main page of the game) for instructions on how to set up Joi Play.

General note to everyone considering this game,
If you prefer mobile plays, you need to use Joi Play.

This is something that would have happened naturally anyway, but this is just sooner rather than later.

Hmm. I think i sorted this out a while back.
I'm fairly sure it doesn't happen in 0.28, but I do not have any older save files to check with.

Is it possible to send me your save file?
I may be able to sort out some lingering backwards compatibility issues.

Take a trip to the discord channel and give some context.
I run the windows version of the game all day, every day. Its the one I use the most so I would notice common errors like the one you speak of.

That leads me to believe you have some specific issues to be addressed.

Error / exception screenshots are the easiest way to get your issues fixed, so be sure to have those as well when you post about it.

Latest Ren'py update has completely broken the ability to play the game on Android or Ios, since the builds fail with errors related to things that I can't fix. 

I'll attempt to get it sorted , or just scale back to a different version of Ren'py. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The latest update fixes these problems, but the latest Ren'py version breaks android builds. XD
Sorry I'm just seeing this. I'll try to release a newer version of the android game right now.

The latest update fixes these problems, but the latest Ren'py version breaks android builds. XD
Sorry I'm just seeing this. I'll try to release a newer version of the android game right now.

The latest update fixes these problems, but the latest Ren'py version breaks android builds. XD
Sorry I'm just seeing this. I'll try to release a newer version of the android game right now.

Thank to you I found a very strange bug.
I'm fixing it currently and the next version of the game should work as intended. Thanks again!

If you're attempting to use an older version of the game to play (aka save files), you run the risk of errors.
That is because currently, backwards compatibility to saves is not possible.

It's something I either plan to address in the future, or the game will come to a point where there will be no further need to alter the variables which the player has.

 I'll play through again just to see if I can find these errors, thanks for pointing this out.

This was most likely when I was uploading the new files.

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Thanks. All of your questions are answered above as well as in the playable.

I get what you're saying, but that doesn't sound like something that would be the fault of the asset provider.
There are many practical reasons why a program would crash and not many of them have anything to do with the size of a scalable asset.

(Which is why I took the time to point it out.)

Most assets are large because you can always shrink -- not scale upwards effectively.

It's best practice actually.

This looks really fun.