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Hi vientoverse,
They are .png animation sheets, similar to how the animations are done for SGB, in the form of frame by frame, or how animations are done in Rpg Maker earlier series before MZ. I'm NOT sure if these will work in the regular way for Bakin as Bakin's animations  are Effekseer animations and these are animations made in .png sheets.
The larger animation sheets are split up into 2 or 3 parts, as SGB dont like long animation sheets, this was done with the SGB function in mind that you can use 3 different sheets for 1 animation. (the video on the right shows this feature/function.
However, don't quote me on this but there may be ways to use them in Effekseer to turn them into .efk animations..? I've really no idea to be honest, it's the same with importing the sheets into Bakin and trying to use them within the frame animation function in Bakin, it might work then it might not.
I DID just do a quick search for converting from 2D animation sheet to Effekseer on Google and found this.. so it is possible to convert them from .png sheet format to the format Effekseer Bakin uses.
Will it work though..? i'm not entirely sure, i've not tried and tested it.  I DO however know you need a specific Effekseer version and also need to export it as a specific effekseer extention. IF you decide to try convert them to effekseer for use in Bakin please let me know how it went.. i'm interested to know if it worked or not, and maybe others looking to buy this pack too.

Hope this helps!

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sorry for the late reply, yeah all my stuff you can use in Bakin if you can get it to work properly, as it's made really for SGB.. but I have no problem with it used in Bakin what so ever. :)
You might find that when rotating some of the assets in bakin it becomes see-through, you can change this by changing it's material setting to Double-sided.

no prob, i wasnt doing much that day so decided to throw that together for you.

Here's an open project demo i've done showing how to set up and display the HP and MP of monsters in battle. Be sure to read the READ ME for further instruction and use.

Oh man, I remember setting this up through trial and error and was a complete pain in the butt.. it's so much easier to do in Bakin. IF i rememebr correct I pulled the enemy data and used it within a Battle Event, that would constantly run a check updating the data. This really aint the place to be showing a lot of pictures and code.. so if you are on the Discord group for SGB/Bakin add me there and  can send you over some screenshots of how I set it up. It's NOT the tidiest of coding either mind you 'cos it was days and days of trial and error. Add me there..

Discord:      SylarDean #4102

I like the 2x tree stumps, and the far right tree.
I think the shadowing on the window pillars needs reworking it's way too heavy and thick.

License to use are ONLY within Bakin or SGB.. you CAN NOT use them outside of those two engines.

clearly YOU can't read... 

"About the game:

World of Anterra is a highly interactive, nonlinear, open world RPG. The game features an endlessly explorable open world, deep progression systems, fast paced combat, and rich lore, all wrapped in a satisfying and accessible interface. It’s the type of game only an independent studio could make!"

Here's a couple of comparison pictures i'd like to show you so you can see how much ive widened areas so your not so enclosed, cramped, and path obstructed for the maps. As you can also see there's been some changes to layout visually too, hopefully for the better.

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WOW! so sorry I missed your gameplay :(
I'm glad to see you were having some fun with it. I make this game in the mindset that it dont take itself to seriously, and to really showcase what you can do with the engine with no or little experience.. nad using the RTP assets, with a couple of custom stuff. Just to point out.. Antidote Herbs cures poison.. lol!

To answer a few points you've made..

"cant see nothing 'cos it's cluttered.." - I've decided to remake this game in Bakin and i've been working on the spacing issue by making the areas bigger and wider spaced so you can see more.. but the game remains near enoguh the same in map/area layout, with a little less obstructions in view.

"I dont know that the story is or where to go".. reading the text that appears helps, it guides you, at beginning the bell tolls and you say you need to head to the village,  need to go to orphanage popped up when you entered the one area. My game hevily inspires for the player to explore the world to advance.

"The picture backgrounds look like rpg maker battle backs", those I created myself using battle background art for the RTP of SGB, added in then the monster or people into them thats also RTP SGB stuff.

"I hardly know nothing about the plot" the beginning of the game introduces you to the plot.. you learn you want to become the next Adventure King, the forest is cursed, you get told to go to the orphanage, once there you rest, the story plot unfolds after you rest and head to the adventurer's guild for your exam, then it sends you down into the sewer dungeon . I think you got so caught up in all t he prettiness of the maps reading everyones posts in chat and stopping it probably caused you to lose some type of direction and forget what was said in the dialogue.
I wanted to give hte game a completly open feel with focus on exploration, think kinda like hte early Romancing Saga games.

"No voice acting" that is planned.. just I don't work, solo developer, so anything like custom voice acting and all the custom monsters came out of my own pocket.

Any hows.. im glad you had fun trying it out for what you played of it, and there's a LOT more to play than what you did. the story moves forward once you get to the aadventurer's Guild for your exam. So as of right now, the SGB version is shelved as I have moved it over to Bakin.

"Mushroom is buff" If you read the notes/read me file in the game file I state there that the monsters aint quite balanced properly yet.

"How long to wait before cooking" As soon as you do the guild exam and complete it you get access to all the adventurer guild services, cooking, a new character, bestiary book, and other things.. its beign a guild member perk.

I've hopefully sorted the narrow pathing you pointed out as ive made the areas bigger for paths so you can see more. I'll see to refining the story more so it can guide the player better to where they need to go.. be it a visible pathing route OR maybe just a story pointer on the right side of the screen that tells you where to head maybe..? I'll have to see whats possible in Bakin right now in EA state. 

Any hows, thanks for playing and glad you had a hoot with it. Thanks for the pointers also, the space obstruction one is a noted one from previous streamers also so i'm hioping i get to sort that issue  in the Bakin version of TLA :)

Here is a link to the newest version update for The Leet Adventure.
More was added for the Summer Game Jam so you are able to play further than the V1 Demo.

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just to let you know, i've been adding in markers to all main entrances (minus caves, mines, dungeons, secret hidden areas) to help people navigate better to where entrances to areas are and stuff.


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Thanks Kuma for the kind words.
I'm working on solutions for the camera sihifting, after seeing Ash's video it kinda bugged me how much roation to see paths and such was needed by the player.. some gamers don't l,ike a lot of camera fighting and some don't mind it so trying to find a balance is quite tricky. So ideas for it so far i've thought of is..

1. Enlarging maps to make areas bigger to give more space (but this would take me ages to change) but i'm not too sure if i want to enlarge maps as it's only a small few areas that have close crowded things and besides.. SGB has issues with pretty decorated maps if they are too large
2. Maybe having an auto camera where the camera will automatically rotate to an angle better suited for exploration so the player don't have to rotate the camera themselves in crowded areas and lock the player from rotating the camera themselves, kinda like how Resident Evil does camera angling in certain areas. I do actually make use of it at some places already.. such as the two tower staircase areas in the Orphanage, some single room treasure caves, and even the Rogue(like) Insta-Death type dungeon.
3. I was looking into raycasting in Unity for my gme so when players go behind trees they become transparent but im 95% sure it probably wouldnt work, so tried other workaround iwthin SGB itself also.. transparent trees in SGB dont look great..Image
SO scrapped that idea, then tested a different type of thing that I had an idea for and well, its a solution but I dont like it, it looks cheap so decided against not using that idea either, as you can see the results in my YT video here..   

So as you can see i'm trying out solutions for the camera/view issue. My main concern really is the forest path area near beginning of game, where the lumber yard is,  the trees there do block visability quite a bit.. so maybe I need to cut the trees back there a little to give more visibility..?? I dunno, i'll get around to solving the issue.. so glad you brought up the crowded thing.

My aim really for maps was/is to immitate real life, villages can be crowded, winding close house street alleys in Egypt, forests can be dense, bushy, and overly fauna & flora'd. I tend to really over think my maps when creating then for realismn (probably why they look so pretty at times) but I guess sometimes it just don't work depending on the camera. Any hows, thanks for the observation and I am working on looking at solutions for the player camera interaction to cut it down a bit.


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Thanks for the comment, it means a lot.

It's quite funny.. people are saying the trees are a bit much or just fine, I personally dont think they are 'a bit much' but yeah i can see where some find it hard to see where they are going, this is why i left the 1st person view switch in the game and didnt block it, it helps navigate in certain instances. I'm looking into adding raycasting for the trees so they become semi-transparent as you walk behind them but fear SGB will probably not be able to make use of raycasting on trees.

I've got 2 different methods (ideas thought of) to achieve the raycasting effect though within SGB itself without using Unity so I might go with those just for simplicity if i can actually get them working.

I linked you my most recent guide info in a PM on Discord so you can use that to make sure  you can experience the game full for the JAM Demo.

Thanks for your kind comment Tymmo.

My plan for the 1st continent (which will eventually be the game's main demo) is to keep it closed-ish exploration to a certain point to get the story moving forward and for people to be eased into what's coming for later continents... but with a little off-the-beaten-path exploration. From the end of the 1st continent (which you cant get to in the JAM demo) the game will completely open up once you solve the problem with the sailors at the 1st Continents Port Town. You'll be able to catch boats to different small explorable islands or head on to Continent 2 for the main story, of course the 2nd continents wil also have boats going to other islands and onward to continent 3 later.

I will be eventually adding in voices for the store NPCs and also all playable characters will have voiced skills too, but with me only having £110 a month to spare on things. It's mostly been going on custom battle monsters for the time being, and some other things that's not related to the game every now and then. October to January is quite a hard time for me to move my project forward due to xmas, family birthdays also being clumped within those months too, so that £110 gets shifted to that as they are priority.

I know of really three missed issues with the demo, you should have access to two orange spots for Arrie to blow up, but 'cos how Unity works it didnt transfer over the orange glowing spots and was too late to change it for the JAM, but thats now fixed for later revision releases, and also the one house in the desert town glitches badly,. thats now been fixed too. I DO know that also with the custom menus I created if you are poisoned and enter then you have the poison flashing over the red pointer, i've not sorted that yet but know exactly how to stop that.

One person said they got lost, so i'm thinking about adding some type of pointer maybe to all major exits in an area (excluding doors for houses and caves and such). My game does give major hints on what to do next as you read the story or little cutscene that may happen, so there are pointers on what to do next but evidently it's not quite enough, so i think pointers to map/zone exits will help.. maybe like the red custom menu pointer but a yellow, blue or green one. Also making it turnable on and off for those who want to use it or not, kinda like a difficulty addition maybe.

Any hows, thanks again for the comment and ive made notes of your concern and i'll see how I can fix that for the future. In the mean time i'll PM you a small guide so if you were stuck you can play further to see more of the game if you wish to play more and get to the end of the demo.

Thanks for playing!

I hope you all enjoy my game demo!
Please leave comments, thoughts, suggestions below.


Good job Kumachan, awesome camerawork as usual.

An option to limit sales on your assets/games/creations.

This would serve basically as an exclusive certain amount for sale type thing.

For example...  I have a game script that I only want to sell say.. 1 of to a lucky person then the BUY button will be removed from the sale page.

This could be set by the seller when setting up the item's sale page by ticking the box...   Limit Item [person would type number in box] once the number is reach in sales the 'Buy Now' button will get removed so no more can be sold unless the item seller puts another amount in the box again, if it's left blank then no one can buy more. The items page would remain still though so people can look at the item.

nice, ty!

Can this be used in other engines other than RPG Maker? 

You asked me to keep u updated when i get some type of work done surrounding your icons, here's some :)

Its 'work in progress' so effects/lasts are subject to change and there just for placeholders atm.

Oops.. for got to ask.. what are the size dimensions of these?

Three questions...

1. Is there a camel in this pack..? (I am desperately looking for one).
2. Can I use these outside of RPG maker?
3. Can I use them in Commercial game?

Thanks for the reply.
2D art would have been better but I could have settled with pixel at a larger scale. I fear Waifu2x might pixilate the icons to much at the size i was hoping to go for the pictures. I'm gonna see if my monster artist could do some rendition of the icons in his own style, hopefully he is able to, though it's not really his thing.. we'll see.

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Hi Caz,
I'm using your icons in my game, currently setting up the cooking side of things. The icons are great 32x32 but i'm wondering.. would you take custom orders to make some of your icons bigger? such as the fries in this pack. As you can see in my WIP for the menu I really want to put a larger picture of the icon in the space in the middle.. could you do that?

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OH! these are great :D
Do you accept requests? i'd love to see camels done in this style :D
Are these done using an asset sheet for colours, or you've just coloured the polygons within blender?.

that's np :) I absolutely agree. :)

Thanks, :) I will.
The game will probably be 1 game but have around 5 chapters, chapter 1 will be the Demo., which is probably around 3/5 hours long. I'll be getting a couple of people to Beta Test the demo before I release it for public so I can refine it a little more and fix mistakes people spot.

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Thanks for the prompt reply :) glad I can shorten the credits :)

Thanks for the interest in my game. 
I'm making a 3D Jrpg, using for inspiration classic Jrpgs such as Zelda, Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana/Evermore.. and PS1/PS2 era RPGs. It has a camera where you can play top-down view and move camera 360 around you, zoom in and out, or you can switch it to 1st  person view so it can play more like a DOOM game but Jrpg.. lol :D
You can see a little bit of the game via screenshots of it here :)
Or you can see some stuff/ideas I work on for it here with some other things I try out as pure curiosity if the engine would manage stuff possibly for my game.

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I'm making a game, just need a bit more clarification on the credits. It says to use 

"Contains music ©2020 Devin Henderson ( 

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International"

Here's my questions.. 
1. Is it okay to attribute the person in a credits list .txt file? or do it HAVE to be say in the game say at the end credits?

2. If it has to be in game (at end credits like MOST accreditation), all that is a bit excessive. Would it be okay to cut it down to say..  

"- Music/Sound -
Devin Henderson ("

I'm happy to have a website address next to the artists name but not all that other stuff that would make my in-game credits run far too long and look a mess in game. IF it's okay in a .txt file (packaged with the game) instead then that's fine, I can place all that in.

'READ ME' added :)