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At Steam launch the core of the game will remain as is, but there will be some more content and features. While I do have roadmap, confirmed features will come as separate announcements when I'm 100% sure they will make to the actual release.

Steam Workshop is not in the plans for the launch, but I'd love to add it in the long run.

Sounds brilliant, You can could go far with this game.
Is it just you developing the game or have you got a team?
I would love to do some 3D moddueling for the game.

I believe it's just him alone, but you know what's the problem if you do the 3D modeling for him? He has to describe what he wants exactly, then it's most likely it's not perfect, so you will have to recreate the model, or you may even totally abandon the project which means that he has to do it himself anyway. Also there is a lot more that can go wrong when you work with multiple people and thats why most developers like to work on their on. Even though I don't know this developer personally I think he want's to do it all by himself (or the team that he is in right now)

That's the beauty of independent studios, it's just like, FREEDOM! I would guess he uses Blender for the models, but who knows. :b


He knows XD