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Don't even ask how long this took to get up there.

They dont send you the game you idiot..... Press download at the bottom of the post... Select which version you want (x64bit or x32bit) and poof

That moment when all else fails, Improvise !

That moment when you succeed from improvising!

Yep that's why i didn't say to add the workshop update, as i have already asked him about this, I'm Just hoping he does do it or something along the lines to enable players to build their own maps

Just completed the game for the 2nd time :D
Absolutely loving it, It does test your patience to the limit some times haha
Really cant wait for the full game release and i really hope you do a workshop update or a way for players to make their own map and share them with a code or something.

Sounds brilliant, You can could go far with this game.
Is it just you developing the game or have you got a team?
I would love to do some 3D moddueling for the game.

When the game comes to steam, Is it going to be any different from this version?
Also is this going to be a community run game? To where the community ideas such as things in Workshop (steam) can be used in game.

If so, This game wont get old and people wont get bored of a game that includes this.