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Esli Stavenga

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There's also a whole article about it here

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its just underneath normal downloas button.

yeah you already said before that its impossible because lf latency, but on Steam I thought you once said that you looked at it again, since so many people requested it, and that it was possible.

yes, but he's working on the steamworkshop first

Oke I'll try that, thanks for the tip. Now I have to find a cloud that will work...

If you already bought it, and you added it to your collection you get a download button on the top of your screen, else you can still use the download link. The buy link is deleted, and you can buy it after 21st of July on the Steam page.

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It's pure decorational purpose, you can use it to mark the underground, or you can just throw them out of the world :)

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Because he's working on the full steam release you won't be able to buy the game again on this site. You van buy it from the 22nd of July from here: . If you already bought it you can still use your private download link to get the game.

If you bought it earlier on this site, yes you will get a steam key for the final game.

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What do you guys think about this? I spend some time making the art. You can read what has been changed in the description. There are 2 versions, and should I add (a) cloud(s)?

What do you exactly mean with YH?

Yes indeed. This game is very good

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How did I managed to get my hand get stuck, in the roof of the train...

You know, it isn't going to happen, if you're going to scream, or you gonna leave a bad review, whatever you do. I'll just end the discussion here. Good day.

Humble Bundle just gives you steam keys for a cheaper price, it's not his own publisher

If you're not statisfied with my reply which is the truth, you shouldn't be mad at me. I mean have you ever seen a game that's been published on Steam and also on another site? And the developer asked me to do this, so I am asked to answer this question

No sorry, but, correct me if I'm wrong, as far as I know it is going to be steam-only. And I think I know why, cause it's a little bit harder to crack the game otherwise. Then if just you buys it, you can give the download link to a friend and he has it aswell for free, which is not possible if it's steam only. Plus else the people on can just send the link/the files without actually having to crack the game, so just to make it a bit (not much but every little bit helps) harder to copy it.

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Yes, everyone who bought it on will get a Steam Key for the game on July 22nd! Then you will have instantly access to local co-op and new levels!

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It's official! Human: Fall Flat will be available on Steam on July 22nd!!!

The game will be released in Juli or August (and maybe even the end of June) but since he stopped the download link I think it will be on steam in 1 or 2 weeks. But this is a guess and I can't promise anything, only the developer can!

It will be even cooler with more updates coming up, together with the Steam Release

I am working on it...

You have Windows x86 (which means Windows 32-bit) and you have to install Human x32 then. Didn't the install give any errors, and can you please give your PC specifications. Also I'd like to know your Direct X version.

You're Welcome

This Bug shows that if you grab the iron hook, your arms will stretch out and bug. Sometimes even the whole hook goes into the ground.

P.S. Sorry for the small screen and the low FPS, my pc doesn't like the game in 1920x1080 and if OBS is also recording my pc just hates me...

On what kind of platform are you playing (Linux, Mac or Windows) and which version.

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Well this might be a problem... Yes it's stuck in the wall... And a nice kinda easteregg ( ...

On the official steam release in the second quarter of 2016 (Steam Page). Together with the release (which you will get a key for if you already bought the game on there will be a number of updates.

haha yes indeed

Is it even possible to make this game even more awesome?

Ty, couldn't answer that question XD

I know what you did, you fucked up XD

At least they are hyped about feature updates! That means we want more of your awesome content!

The steam release will be in the second quarter of 2016 (Steam Page)

There has been an update like 50 days ago, there are more updates coming soon tho and in the second quarter of 2016 (We are almost there!!!) there will be the official steam release!!! :) Steam Page

Glad to hear you enjoyed playing the game! There are more awesome features coming in the future, such as: local co-op, more levels and even more sweet things!

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OOOOW... Yeah that might could be a thing

Great to hear u enjoy the game. There are more updates coming soon, and in the second quarter of this year, it will be released on steam. So if you already bought it, you will get a "free" steam key. Btw if there were swordfights added, it would more be like GangBeasts, especially with the controls XD Have fun playing!

If you buy it now, and there is a update, you will receive an email, which gives you the downloadlink to the new version, and if it is released on steam (second quarter of 2016), you'll get a steam key.

I've added you on steam as friend (as [NL] TheAsher), hope you don't mind...