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it will come together with the console launch. it will be announced as soon as we're confident with the date.

Sorry, that mail slipped through, I recently get tons of mails. It must have been a bug in, I've checked the purchases and found invoice tied to your email - all is good. Make sure to check the mailbox that you used to buy the game.

Could anyone who bought the game, please paste the screenshot of the "Get Steam Key" button location?

Thx Esli for helping out, but I already did the research on online and as I wrote on Steam it is unlikely that online coop will be made. There are technical reasons that prevent making a smooth experience and releasing something just to check "online play" for marketing purposes would not be fair to the players.

Use with the email that you used to buy the game.

Hold both mouse buttons and both controller triggers while in game.

Press A on both controllers

1 controller or 2?

Some players had the problem of achievements and progress - essentially the game is not communicating with the steam services. This seems to happen to other games too. Check this Fallout thread for possible solutions and post back if you got it working:

Still not sure, but I'd like to add a possibility to play custom levels done in Unity in the long run.

Or you can hold both mouse buttons and both triggers at the same time while in game if you have just one controller.

You change game language in Steam settings for a game. Does your progress get saved to Steam Cloud?

You can, as long as you have the access to email account that you specified when buying the game and where you got the link to download the game in the first place. From that link you can claim the Steam key. You can also go to and get that link again using the original email.

gl hf (good luck, have fun)!

Login with the account you used to buy the game, click "Download" the "Get Steam Key".

You can "play dead" to capture the character. And there might be something cool in the future update that will allow you to do what you wanted.

Hey everyone, Steam keys have been added, go grab them, but they will not work until 10AM PST tomorrow.

According to documentation: Keys will be distributed to a purchaser when they first click the request key button on their purchase page.

Don't worry if you missed this, tomorrow notification will be sent out to email addresses used to purchase Human: Fall Flat. Thank you al for your support and I hope you will like the full game!

The final price will be £11.99 / $14.99 / €14.99, but you can preorder now with discount on

The prototype is sold out. Adding the final touches to bring you the full game July 22nd on Steam.

Hi there. As far as I know, initially the game will be published on Steam only, later on Xbox One and PS4 and possibly other stores/platforms. All the porting and distribution is taken care by our publisher - Curve Digital.

Sorry ;) Preparing for the real launch on Steam.

Thanks, for letting me know. The fix is there and will make to the final version. Exploit it while you can ;)

Right now focusing on finishing the game. All post-launch planning will happen... post launch :) Level builder is very unlikely because the level design is not modular. Supporting mods was not built into the game architecture, have to check if game is "evolvable" to support mods through steam workshop in the future.

A little bit of patience, please. Can't wait to publish more content :) Working under 150% load with a publisher (Curve Digital) to get the game ready for full launch on Steam. All who bought the proto here will get that final game once it's on Steam with the new content and features that are currently under development.

Yes, you will get the Steam key once it's on Steam. As well as the new content that is to be included in the Steam release.

Hello, did you contact for MAC build? Was there something wrong with it?

You can use the controller (LS walk, RS look, A jump, LT/RT use hands) or keyboard & mouse (WASD walk, Space jump, mouse - look, LMB/RMB use hands).

Try this then

Link to it is in "My Purchases" here on

MAC version still has an issue - tutorial videos do not play, therefore it's not officially out. I was providing MAC version to people who have bought the game by mistake, not realizing there's no MAC with a disclaimer that tutorial vids don't work.

Minimum GPU requirements

Today I got a report that the game is not working (shows purple screen). Analyzing the log files, I discovered that GPU only had 64VRAM and G3D mark of 7. Already old GeForce 450 GTS has G3D mark of 1546! ( and is capable of running the game with the maximum settings. Let's try to determine minimum GPU needed to run the game, also the minimum GPU that runs the game with all the setting maxed out. Please reply to this if you have a low spec video card and tell if you are able running the game and whether you needed to change the settings to make it run.

Soundtrack is still in progress. There's a chance that OST will be released if there's demand ;)

Great news - Curve Digital will help publishing Human: Fall Flat on PC and consoles. This means that I will be able focusing on the game while they will take care of other equally important things. More details coming soon. Full press release here:

Animation is not used anywhere in the game. I try to stick to regular rigidbodies and joints. In some cases rigidbody setup is changed at runtime (e.g. catapult being the most complex gadget so far, re-rigs itself depending on player intention). Most of things that are scripted are reactive - meaning that I read collisions, rigidbody positions/rotations to decide forces (catapult, doors, bending bars, glass shatter, etc). With my background C# is the easiest animation authoring tool :)

At Steam launch the core of the game will remain as is, but there will be some more content and features. While I do have roadmap, confirmed features will come as separate announcements when I'm 100% sure they will make to the actual release.

Steam Workshop is not in the plans for the launch, but I'd love to add it in the long run.

Not in the plans for foreseeable future, but never say never.

30 March

Doesn't PayPal handle currencies automatically? I used to buy things in GPB, EUR, USD and whatever else without any problems.

Hey there, could you get in touch: human at nobrakesgames dot com?

Try contacting support, maybe they will know what's the problem and what to do next.