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Minimum GPU requirements

Today I got a report that the game is not working (shows purple screen). Analyzing the log files, I discovered that GPU only had 64VRAM and G3D mark of 7. Already old GeForce 450 GTS has G3D mark of 1546! ( and is capable of running the game with the maximum settings. Let's try to determine minimum GPU needed to run the game, also the minimum GPU that runs the game with all the setting maxed out. Please reply to this if you have a low spec video card and tell if you are able running the game and whether you needed to change the settings to make it run.

I have the GeForce 210 Graphics card with 1GB VRam and I can run the game at these settings:

Clouds: second setting
Shadow: first setting
Texture: first setting
(first means, no black, second means quarter black).
Every other setting is of.
Screen resolution is changed from 1980 x 1020 to 1280 x 720