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This is a really beautiful set of art. I could really use some notes or information about how the tiles are structured. Aside from reverse engineering your example pictures, I have no idea how the tiles are supposed to be stitched together. 

32x32 tiles divided into layers, you can easily create a map, everything is organized in a simple way to use. 

Hi Szadi, I understand that it's 32x32 and the layers are logical. I guess what I should have said is that it would be useful to have a scene/map (like a Tilemap tmx file or something) that would show how the individual tiles snap together. It's taking me some time to put a scene together because many of the tiles look similar and I've been going with trial and error. 

I'm only suggesting you share a sample scene so that I can reference it in a program like Tilemap or something. Thanks.

Yes, I had the same problem with other tilesets. Having some sample scenes separated by layers would help. I use the samples that he posts here, but sometimes it's complicated to distinguish the tiles with all the layers together.