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Looks great, Thanks! Any chance to have an idle sprite of the fox? Just like you did with the main character. Otherwise it should always be running.

Really impressive!!

Beautiful asset. Have you thought about creating a cyberpunk city tileset? I would love seeing one created by you...

Pinta buenísima. ¡Muchas gracias!

Yes, I had the same problem with other tilesets. Having some sample scenes separated by layers would help. I use the samples that he posts here, but sometimes it's complicated to distinguish the tiles with all the layers together.

I just bought this bundle! Looks amazing. Thanks for doing this on 32x32.

By the way, I read in one of your comments that you were running out of ideas for new tiles. If it helps, I think a tileset similar to this but with a cyberpunk atmosphere where you see the neon signs and buildings in the background it would be awesome.

Also maybe releasing sprites that match well with these tilesets would help us the programmers. (having to pay extra for that)

Thanks for your hard work. Your collection is definitely the best you can find out there.

Thanks, I dowloaded version PF_SET3_1.1 and I noticed you made a modification in one of the background files. Sorry, I probably wasn't myself clear, what I meant is that I would like to know if you have an example of map using the  mainlevbuild2.png and mainlevbuild3.png files separately. Your current sample screenshots show all the layers together.

Hi. I have bought several of your tilesets and I'm trying to integrate this one but I'm having some trouble drawing the deeper layers because in the examples you can't see them clearly. Do you have by any chance some sample screenshots of each layer separately? That way I will know how to join each piece. I can give you my info to verify I've bought them.

This looks fantastic!! Thanks so much for making this 32x32!! You saved me so much work. I will definitely be buying it soon!

Not 32x32? :(

That's awesome! Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your tilesets! They are great. The best I've seen out there. I have bought most of them, and I was wondering if you ever plan to release some on 32x32. Not sure about the rest of the developers, but in my case I use that resolution for mapping and it really takes a long time for me to fix each one of your tilesets every time I want to use them. Sometimes I have to extend your graphics so they fit ok and it's really a lot of work. Thanks!