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Szadi art.

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Good Job!

The BG for this asset is like a shadow, less visible because in the dark. 



Yes. But when?  When i finish one of my comission work. 

The next (world) will be volcanic - especially for you (but in 2D Magic Lands).

Thank You to all.

what a program you use (unity, gamemaker?)

Same style but not compatibile to mix them. have other colours. 

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Yes. Five assets is the minimum of set. 



32x32 tiles divided into layers, you can easily create a map, everything is organized in a simple way to use. 

if you don't resell the asset original or modified that is ok. 


Download again, fix it.

yes :)

Yes, I will try to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for catching an error.

And now I'm trying to do something original, it's hard to think of something, but I'm trying.

I'm trying to share work. I'm working a bit of one and I'm coming back to the previous ones. 

Thanks all. I working hard to do something good, and something else like other.

I fix that, now download and check. Sorry for a problem.


In the future maybe the NPC. But not at the moment, because it takes to much time. At now I don't have it too much.

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Thank all for supporting me.

I will think about it.

I want help you but, At now I have to much other work (other than drawing).I Don't have a time for custom work. Sorry.

In Unity you must only slice it "grid by cell" 16x16, and you have a working tile for tilemap. If you have any problem then write to me in Discord.

If Rpg Maker MV support 16x16 tiles, then yes.

The license is free, but you can't only resell it (the original asset or changed)

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Personally and commercially.

I'm working on caves, but when i'm done i don't know. I have a lot of other work not related to drawing.

Thank you very much, I try hard. Thank you very much for sharing your work. I am very happy that you like my work and I will try to do more. Regards.


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I work with this asset in Unity and don't have any problem, that's why I don't understand the problem, maybe too weak pc (I'm not suggesting just asking).

Why? Explain please.


Then rate all :) , thank you.