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Szadi art.

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Not there, but I will try to add it (possibly today).


Yes, You can use assets as static placeholders or other things.

But don’t resell asset, original or modified (partial or complete).


In a few days I will release a demo so that everyone can check before buying, no one is forcing you to buy.


You are the only person here who helps people. Thanks.

Hello, I’ve been with for four years now and I’ve never had any problems until now. It’s about Tax information, I had to update, I did it and I still see Validation status - Pending validation. At the beginning of the month I updated the tax information in the Unity store and it took 5 minutes to get the status to be validated. I don’t write to support because they have never replied to me.

Thank in advance for answer.

Yes. Regards.

Thanks, that is stone.

You are doing it wrong, slice “grid by cell”, if have other problem visit my discord server.

If it’s the same project, then yes


Please visit my discord server.

please visit my Discord community server.

I have a discord server for questions and other (engine etc) Regards.

Please come in to Szadi art. Discord Community Server.

Please visit my discord server

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Rpg Maker is limited of the size tilemap, only scaling from the original size would give some good effect (but RPGMaker it limits the size of the tilemap). Regards.

Withdrawals has been completed. I consider the topic closed.

There was a situation (with long time payout) in which you also took part, you wrote “I’ve let an admin know” and got a reply on the forum from “leafo”. Regards.

There was a situation (with long time payout) in which you also took part, you wrote “I’ve let an admin know” and got a reply on the forum from “leafo”. Regards.

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I understand, but how many times I have not written to the support, I have never received a reply.

That’s why I used the forum. Regards.

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Hello, I have a question.

The Payouts, there are already a few of them and the oldest one is already 23 days. I would like to know what it is caused by. The best thing is that a few days ago I was paid one, not the oldest, but the next (not payoneer as I indicated only on paypal).

I understand that this is a mistake, it does not matter but I would like to know what’s going on?

Best Regards Szadi art.

It’s probably an addiction :) , anyway, I like to do it (although not much time). Regards.

As you wrote, I really put a lot of work into it, it will be more (qualitatively the same or even better). Regards.

Yes, it will be more, I have already started a new SET, and Village Pack 2 will be released soon. How much will it be, hmm, I hope I will be able to do even 10 sets. Of course (just like now) you will be able to buy everything in a one package.

I’m sorry but I don’t teach how to create, I’m a graphic designer. But if you want to know something more, please visit my Discord server.

I don’t understand, what kind of hero? Second thing, I do not answer in the comments, please visit the Discord server

Please visit my discord server

There are plans to release at the end of the month SET2. Regards.

Visit my discord server, I do not help in the comments.You gave me a 1/5 rate but you haven’t read the description? if you need help go to the discord server. Regards.


Hello, 16 is a compatible value.

Download again other Assets, all RPGW have entering to caves.

I’ll try to do. Regards.