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If you cheat you've only really cheated yourself out of the challange and it's really unfair to everyone who played by the rules. If you somehow get caught you could face a ban from Game Jams. I wouldn't risk it and I like the challange


yeah your right I just needed to know if we should stream or so...I mean who would participate in a jam if he doesn't want some kind of challenge...

It wouldn't neccesarily be something like "I'm gonna spend all 9 days working no-stop to win this thing!", althoguh I would imagine some people doing something like that...

But imagine your timer says 46 hours and 50 minutes and you forgot to make a pause screen or something. Then it'd be like "oh well, 48 hours and 57 minutes, it doesn't matter". It's much easier to fall on a trap like that, so yeah...