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Glad you like it! Fuel and food resources are pretty self explanatory so I will focus on the other 2 resources.
In the original design technology  was used to unlock the different stages of building the spaceship, something that probably will be added in a post jam update since it required additional time to implement, time not available during the jam. So in the jam version technology is only for events but is important since it is needed for example in the raiders events that can easily cripple you progress if you draw too many of them early.
Happiness is used very little since it was originaly designed to allow assigning additional workers to a building. workers after the first will have costed hapiness. Also most of the events using it were cut due to time...

Ah yes, I see. Those extra mechanics sound great! Well thought out. If you decide to update post jam I hope the extra events make the cut.


Definitely there will be a post jam update adding at least the technology and the spaceship building stages + a lot of small fixes especially to some text like intro, outtro, tutorials that were added late in the development