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You noticed! I tried to add at least a little strategy. Thanks for playing!

Fun! Nice idea. One suggestion would be to indicate to the player when the items are about to shift around, like blinking for a second or two. Great job!

Nice. I'm also a programmer first, with art and music/sound distantly second. This resolution is 160x90, which is pretty small but great if you're not looking for much detail. Text is definitely the hardest part when working with such a small resolution but it's nice since it goes into both 720 and 1080 evenly. But you could also go 320x180 if you need more room. You should definitely go for it in a future jam!

Ah yeah, maybe just a bit higher on the max height!

Thanks! No, it's not a custom engine. Just a set of limitations for colors, sounds, and resolution that are meant to give the feel of an old classic home console but are hopefully a little more modern in terms of controls. I'm hoping to make more games for my fake "console" in future game jams.

Thanks for playing!

Awesome! Very fun and polished. It sure does get hectic at the end! Love the title as well. Great job!

Thanks for playing! Definitely agree with the lacking enemy types and balance. Got a late jump on this (didn't even start until the jam was about half way over!) I'm just happy I finished it. Will definitely be looking to improve in the next one! Appreciate the feedback.

Thanks! The retro style is partly by choice and partly by my limited artistic abilities. But I'm happy with how it turned out. I originally had just arrow keys but was personally struggling a little with it so I moved it to WASD. Should have just done both. Duh! Thanks for playing!

Nice game. Didn't understand immediately why I was dropping blocks at first towards the end. Great design. Definitely reminded me of portal! Great job.

Awesome idea. I'm definitely not coordinated enough to pull it off though! Would be nice if the jump height was increased and based on how long the key is held down. Great work!

Great job! Agree with some of the other comments about movement. I think it's a tad too fast, there's not quite enough time to react. I also had trouble telling the difference between the objects because they looked similar both in color and shape. I hit quite a few lamps thinking they were coins to collect. Pixel art looks great and I really like the concept.

Ah yes, I see. Those extra mechanics sound great! Well thought out. If you decide to update post jam I hope the extra events make the cut.

Very cool NES-style game. I was hooked for a while. Got stuck on stage 12! Well done. Was a little confused at first about the fact that the sword was a consumable. The character was carrying a sword and I couldn't attack! Fun game.

Very well thought out and fun to play! Puzzles were great. Some of them took me longer to figure out than I'd like to admit. Well done all around.

Very nice! Well made and great aesthetic. Is there an explanation of the game mechanics or resources? Still not entirely sure what technology does. Is it only used for events?

Like the idea of weapon durability taken to the extreme. A boss puzzle at the end could be cool. Great job!

Unique concept that fits the theme very nice. It's very relaxing. A third competing resource to manage or another interaction between the two could add a lot! 

Thanks for playing!

Agreed, I also thought about adding a mini-boss enemy type but ran out of time. Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing! I got a late start on the jam so I ended up having to keep it pretty small. Extra weapons would have been nice though. Thanks for the feedback!