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Hello, I'm Matteo Trevisan aka Toolkitman, i started with my first basic computer with a C64 at 6 years old in 84'. I never used a Spectrum until this year that i found fuse emulator and i made by myself a fully recreated compatible keyboard working also with my built ZX Sinclair Spectrum system for Raspberry pi. I started programming some games with the book of Gary Plowman and able just to code in Applesoft and Microsoft Basic i made my own programs and games. I hope to be soon an owner of an original and true Sinclair Spectrum. In this Jam session i have published some games and soundtracks i have made. I hope you all enjoy my works.. because programming for fun or not for fun is alwayse a work! ; )

That's admirable, starting out with old 8-bit machines so long after they stopped being a thing. How do you find the platform so far, seeing as you haven't grown up with its limitations the way I did?

a friend of mine is offering to me a zx81 not 128k but still a sinclair

Welcome Matteo!

Have fun and there is plenty of time of work on your ideas.
ZX81 is fun, I hope they are giving you one with 16k ram pack :)

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Thank you Gazzapper! I  alwayse have fun : ) programming. It's really beautiful see something born from nothing. For the Computer it's a Timex Sinclair 1000.