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Matteo Trevisan

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Dear Draconian Gamertist,

i cant figure out from this post of what kind of game you are speaking about, let me know thank you!

Very nice music and intriguing game!

If you are Namco of my childhood this is a plaseure to have a challenge with you!

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This Jam was for the 35 years of ZX Spectrum and 53 years of Dartmouth BASIC : ). You will have to wait another Birthday i think for the next Challenge : ) enjoy the games published!

Thank you! : )

I was started makeing a fake Coco Tandy computer interface but i have found a way to make an Operating System in BASIC incredible what a JAM can do! : ).

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Thank you Gazzapper! I  alwayse have fun : ) programming. It's really beautiful see something born from nothing. For the Computer it's a Timex Sinclair 1000.

a friend of mine is offering to me a zx81 not 128k but still a sinclair

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Hello, I'm Matteo Trevisan aka Toolkitman, i started with my first basic computer with a C64 at 6 years old in 84'. I never used a Spectrum until this year that i found fuse emulator and i made by myself a fully recreated compatible keyboard working also with my built ZX Sinclair Spectrum system for Raspberry pi. I started programming some games with the book of Gary Plowman and able just to code in Applesoft and Microsoft Basic i made my own programs and games. I hope to be soon an owner of an original and true Sinclair Spectrum. In this Jam session i have published some games and soundtracks i have made. I hope you all enjoy my works.. because programming for fun or not for fun is alwayse a work! ; )