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Idk, I think it is best to have a couple of people in a team. If you ask me, you can join. And I am pretty good at 2D art (but I suck at modeling).

Deleted 135 days ago

I know it but I think 2d would be easier what do you say

BTW: we should make a Google meet where we can join

replie your emails and I will invite you guys to the Meeting

I will share it to you guys at 7/22/2020 (tomorrow) at 2 o'clock in the afternoon

Deleted 135 days ago


right now it is 4pm

I am good with modeling  mean that could work

Deleted 135 days ago

can we meet now?

the link

Deleted 135 days ago

Hey man I am sorry but I watched a video and I thought about what It said and I decided I will be doing this jam solo.... I am sorry to disappoint..


boys, just so you know you can only have 1-4 people in your group. Keep that in mind while picking your teams