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This game is hilarious and I love everything about it.* The Game Boy-style retro art and sepia tone really knock it out of the park. And it's a genuinely clever, funny conceit tied in well to the gameplay. The whole package feels like an excerpt from a full, published game, so major kudos for that.

*Except maybe the sound of the projectiles firing; that one gets a bit grating.

I ran into a couple technical issues. The sound effect volume seems to be somewhat unbalanced—occasionally the projectile sound would be really loud, but then quieter again, even in the same level. I also encountered major lag and performance issues in the level following the introduction of the conveyor belts (i.e. the one that starts with the falling stalactites).

Overall a very impressive submission. Making a funny game, let alone one that plays well, is a real achievement. Well done!