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Well, the game certainly is out of control, but in this case that's not to its benefit. I have no idea why the character moves so sporadically when jumping or just being airborne, and the random moving objects look less like they're in an earthquake and more like they're glitching out. Once I collected 3 googly eyes, nothing seemed to happen, and even that was a challenge with the strange physics. Also, it's very odd to me that I can't control the camera, that certainly didn't help with navigation. Can't say I enjoyed this one.

we did have some code break near the end causing issues with the character. And the earthquake wasn't the inital plan, it was a last minute application because we had planned for some various effects but only that was in a state that could be applied, its fairly obvious that the end result wasn't 100% where we intended seeing as how features were finished and missing but thats game development in a short window sometimes. Things break or get overlooked.