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@MrCerealGuy: I did find quite an unusual bug. When you want to use the "sneak" button, it just teleports me 20 blocks up the there (and more). I did change the keys for it; Originally, it was L-CTRL but, I switched it to L-SHIFT instead. Is there anyway you can fix that? :3

Comments for StoneCraft: It is a wonderful game; I would rate it more then its potential. The game is very easy to use and does well to visualize Minecraft. It also does provide and support different mods that can alter the game's performance and abilities in-game. Thank you for contributing your hardwork and effort to making this game into a stabilized formatting! We all appreciate it, especially me! :D 


Hello BluA57, thank you for your feedback. I got the same bug :D, it will be fixed in 1.2.1a.

this happens with my ctrl left


Great! I will be looking forward to in its advances. One question: By any chance, do you in an estimated time that update 1.21.1a will be launched in that game?


Today :D