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Hey, I have no changelog. Over 8k files were changed, but don't expect a big content update. But the biggest changes are
- upgraded to Minetest 5.4.0
- updated many third-party mods, removed some outdated mods and replaced with newer ones
- removed german translation (too time consuming)
- bug fixes

Yes! Sorry for the long time.

Hey guys, a new big version is out!

Settings -> All Settings -> Graphics -> In-Game -> Advanced

Screen width
Screen height

I know it's awkward :(.

If you create a local world, you don't need an internet connection. For example, in Minecraft you have to log in via Minecraft launcher regardless you want play offline or online.

A new version is out. I recommend to use the App for automatic updates.

A new version ist out. Sorry for the long time.

I will start at the earliest with 5.2.0-stable, but I can not promise anything. :(. Sorry for the late answer.

The file "mods/subterrane/defaults.lua" was only missing in my Github Repository, I've just added the file. Thank you for this. But in all downloads I can see this file. Sure you've not cloned my Github repository?

Glad to hear that.

It's now the stable version. I haven't experienced crashes anymore. Of course it has got still bugs, but you can live with them.

It belongs to Minetest 5.1.0-dev + own changes. But should be compatible with 5.0 or 5.0.1 Minetest servers.

Today ;-)

New version 1.3.0 is out. Stonecraft has left alpha version.

The dog house is only decoration stuff.

Try to start Stonecraft with administrator rights.

How to run programs as administrator in Windows 10

Hello, can you post me the content oft Stonecraft\bin\debug.txt? Please use and post the link here.

If Minetest 5.0.0 is out, I'll start to update Stonecraft with all built-in mods. This year I want to leave alpha state.

Stonecraft is based on Minetest with own modifications. All game assets are free of use. So don't worry ;-).

That's weird. Then make a shortcut by hand ;-). You find Stonecraft.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\Stonecraft\bin\. In the doc\ folder there is a Manual.html, usually it should be here too a shortcut. Maybe you have to run the setup with admin rights. But I can only guess, maybe other people have the same issue.

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I don't know. I use Windows 8.1 64-Bit and I can't reproduce this issue. Have you opened the installation path? Is there any Stonecraft folder? Or are you only missing the desktop icons?

Hi, there is a new version with many bug fixes. Maybe you have now more luck ;-).

Hi, there is a new version with many bug fixes.

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A new version ist out. Maybe this helps!? But you have to generate a new world.

You can change the resolution in advanced settings->graphics->game->advanced. Or you edit <stonecraft-directory>\stonecraft.conf, e.g.:

screen_w = 1600
screen_h = 900
fullscreen = false

Please first update to the new version.

The new version ist out.

Maybe this month.

Thx u! Can u tell me the error message?

Nope bro. Stonecraft is a Minetest fork with own engine modifactions, a new and easy way to create worlds and includes many top assets from the Minetest community with many adjustments to deliver a good game feeling. And the work is going on.

Hey Habbo Noble ;-).

I suppose mid-February. Actually I haven't much time.

Ok, in next release, I'll add the file into the setup package and give better information if someone want to connect to a server with the old network protocol.

Are you using the App? In the download section from you'll find the file.

Hi, I have added a file called It uses the old protocol version 24 - 32. Extract the file into your Stonecraft binary folder. Please read the update notice from today for more information!

Sorry for the late answer. Have you used a mese crystal fragment to activate the nether portal? You have to stay inside the portal, it takes some seconds to teleport you to the nether.

Hello TheBenwoir, can you paste the content of debug.txt into and post me the link?

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Hello, try this:

First run these commands

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get install aptitude

and then try

sudo apt-get install libstdc++6

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New version 1.2.5-alpha!

- More options to customize your world
- Mapping kit for survival mode (you start without map)
- "Nether" dimension
- New mobs for the "Morlendor" dimension
- New rideable horse
- New animal "Felucco", spawns in the savannah
- Improved net code (maybe incompatible with older servers)
- Better performance
- Bug fixes
- and more...


Rideable horse, looks great with Link skin :D

I'm "Felucco" <3.

Morlendor dimension

Find a Morlendor portal in Stonecraft to get there.

Nether dimension

Craft a Nether portal with obsidian blocks (4x5). Activate the portal with a Mese Crystal.

Sorry, I need maybe 1-2 weeks more for bugfixing and tests.

Hey, the engine ist written in C++ 11 (based on Minetest), game assets are written in Lua. Actually I use only math.sin and math.cos. I don't have much experience in Lua math optimisations but I'm considering to use Lua FFI for calculations with many iterations.