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LOL I used obsidian not mese

I see u added the thing i suggested when 2.3 came out . The mod spawn customization . Its cool . Only one question : how do i access the nether ? Its enabled . But if i light a nether portal nothing happens , to be honnest obsidian doesn't burn at all . Am I doing something wrong ?


I want to be able to chose what mobds apear or not 

Those giant worms are so often found that i can not build anything without this fear 

I want to see a setting on the not so simple mobs where chose how rare will the mob be 

because u rember when i said that Phonixes were litteraly hunting the player 

so it whould be a good idea making the rarity bar


ok I know that the game is on alpha But the job of an aplha or beta tester is to point out all the bugs thing that I am the only person that does this . And my problem is not the little bugs My problem are the bugs that do not let u play the game itself 

how use the instaler ? I open it ... Nothing happens ... I reopen it it says Pls cloe the running setup to continue...BUT there is no running setup..Do i have to WinRAR it ? 

It did not even completly instal but I can't run my old world Because : The Server is probably running a different version of stonecraft....AND WHAT ? Why not ?

THIS VERSION OF THE GAME COMPLOTS AGASING ME ! I can't create a world of any kind . Whatever I do it whould give me a error message Whatever error JUST FIND ONE ! Snow mod or other things that come with other mods I guess ... IDK I can't create a world !!!

if only was the full ver free :(

if only was the full ver free :(

do all minetest mods work in stonecraft?

ok i did make a bug raport but i didnt tell everythng the game thowed at me because i dont understand more than it was an error...aanndd...some files got currupted...aannddd....the world was just black...aanndd sometimes the game cruch

what is the sense of this now? I just told you what is the problem

idk how

And btw i cant even craete a world with this version ! Nothing m8 ! I cant create a survival or creative world everytime i get the same crap of some errors or something with files or....something similar

ow nice ! In this version i cant even try creating  server >:(

Make i easyer man :(

ow wait...I am on ver 1.2.0

I have to reinstal everything now 

Why the game dosent autoupdate?

wait...last time I did a comment 

What version it was? It was not the last one? 


When i create a world in the ''server'' tab  it says this : An Error Occured 

and some other stuff than just a dev expert will understamd

I am a dev super mega ultra noob 

(but still interested)


this happens with my ctrl left

acctualy they stoped even if i didnt try again to make a survival....I supose these errors stoped

world is not generating problems wut evr i do and every mob and skin is white !!!

Cool Update...WUT I HAVE TO DO ?! O_o

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Woooppsss!!! I guess when i installed it it just updated my old game NICE

Bad timing..I just installed new update and delete previous

u can't just send a online update to the users that using the game and let it update? Like steam?

i have to delete my old coppy and istall this one or is instant upgrade?

the minimap has changed a bit

ok thanks !

most of my creatures killed each other :(

Never make me god pls

Fo next versions better be carefull with the not so simple mobs

BECAUSE IT IS A DRAGON RAMPAGE ! All the other mobs spawn great axcept : The Phenix Dragon of Fir ethat is like hunting u !!! Cmon ! I cant set home or make a survival video without going creative andgive myself a night swoord

I am playing on other srvr more popular

LAG ! Put more settings except fantastic

I know i already said that 10001 times but now :

In the next versions pls if u can just make a server maker . U know turn your maps into servers 

not much just 20 players

BUT HOW I GET AGAIN TO THE SRVR ? Maybe i have to go somewhere else with internet?