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Hi. I have a bit of problem. I've been trying to fix the screen size the game loads in. It usually loads the game covering my whole screen (full-screen), but I want to keep it windowed and down to 1064 x 600. I've been using the Minetest settings to edit the screen size, but when I launch the game again, it goes back to full resolution (the windowed option works). I tried editing the minetest.config file and that didn't work either. Anybody have any tips for me?

MrCerealGuy probably took a break or something. Although, I'd appreciate it if it would stay in this version of "minetest" so that it can still remain compatible with older servers using multi-player, but he can still update stuff for single-player. There are some servers I enjoy that aren't up-to-date to 5.3.0.

Shame on you.

This question may have been repeated but, is there a way to play Stonecraft on an older version? The server I wish to join says it only supports protocol 24 - 32 while Stonecraft supports 37.

Aw sweet. Will you still be updating and tweaking the game still?

What do you mean now that you left the alpha version?

Yes! This new update fixed whatever prevented me from launching the game at all. Thank you so much! :D

It happened to me as well but it isn't giving me a debug.txt. Instead, it crashes and says that "Nothing could be found". Would you like to me to take a screenshot of it?

How do you allow client-side mods on here?

Hey! Minetest 5.0.0 is almost released. Will it be updated to that?

Hey. Minetest 5.0.0 is almost released. What will you do then?

Yes I am using it but it doesn't appear in the app. I copied the link sent on my browser and it does show. There are no signs of crashes, buffers, glitches, and errors.

Where is that file?

I have a question: There are some online servers that can only run protocol 24 - 32. This new update runs protocol 36. I was wondering, "How do you switch to an older protocol?" If you have any clue about, please reply to me.

@MrCerealGuy: Will you continue to impliment anything into this project of yours?

Oi, mate, you complain too much. You do know this game is just a unfinished project that contains numerous bugs, right? Now quit your whining and learn how to use programs carefully before you start downloading malicous things. =3

Oh I see! Thanks! :)

@MrCerealGuy: What is the difference between 1.2.3 update and the 1.2.2 update? L . L

Well, it is not a virus. It is a game and if you have itch right now and it is not deleted then, your antivirus is bad and you are just lying. :P


Great I love the new update! Keep up the great work and I assure you that this game will thrive thorougly! :D

Great! I will be looking forward to in its advances. One question: By any chance, do you in an estimated time that update 1.21.1a will be launched in that game?

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Well just to help this question, making a server is not so easy but if you really want to make server, it will take alot of effort and time to make one successfully. If you want, type in Google on how to make a server in StoneCraft. All though, since StoneCraft is powered by Minetest in a way, type in Google how to make a server in Minetest. If you make a server correctly, you should go to the serverlist in StoneCraft and check to see if your server pops up. Hope this helps! :)

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@MrCerealGuy: I did find quite an unusual bug. When you want to use the "sneak" button, it just teleports me 20 blocks up the there (and more). I did change the keys for it; Originally, it was L-CTRL but, I switched it to L-SHIFT instead. Is there anyway you can fix that? :3

Comments for StoneCraft: It is a wonderful game; I would rate it more then its potential. The game is very easy to use and does well to visualize Minecraft. It also does provide and support different mods that can alter the game's performance and abilities in-game. Thank you for contributing your hardwork and effort to making this game into a stabilized formatting! We all appreciate it, especially me! :D 


Well you can turn down your master volume down. :3