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That all makes sense. Yes, tweaking the timing of the control switching to a) allow for people to get comfortable the first time (longer delay) and b) provide a challenge even once they know what they're doing (shorter delay) was a design challenge that easily eclipsed the time available. Agreed on the need for juice as well; implementation ate up the whole time.

That's interesting about the resolution issue. I haven't built enough web builds to know offhand what would explain it. The build is set to 1024 x 768, which should fit easily on any modern monitor, without needing to use fullscreen (in fact, fullscreen seems to expand the play field, which is very strange to me). Perhaps the window was scrolled down a little so the gate was offscreen?

Totally agree that it's not clear when you've died and restarted vs. cleared the level and moved on. That needs clarity.

Thanks for trying the game and for the feedback!