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Okay, can you tell me when you crossed the door that lead you to the colourful room? What character you were, where you had just came from?

I don't remember any particularly colorful room... Before the fish, and before getting the cat tokens, the character was nestorine or neomine, can't remember which. I plan on replaying it but before that I can upload the save data if it helps you (currently goldfish in main town, all doors closed). Speaking of which, any idea where the saves are stored and/or how to start a new game?

Wait a minute, so you're the goldfish, you should be able to speak with the tall character that sticks out of the water north-west of the town, no?

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If you mean the white guy who transfers you to the library, I talked to him while in another form and he sent me there. Now he shows just 3 'grumble' characters and nothing else. Thing is, before closing the game last time, he did transfer me there. And I was like 'no, not the library again' (it's cool but I already did it once... It was enough) so I closed the game and said I'll play later. When I got back I'm in the main town and with all the doors closed. 

This is also why I'd like to restart it but idk where the save file is...

Edit: these are all the rooms that I can access:

Oh wow okay, you found a bug. The game save is stored in cookies, I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it so it's compatible with the patch I'm working on to resolve this issue. Give me a few days to fix this and we'll test it :) Otherwise I'll implement cheat codes or something so you can warp there.