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Wonderful little gem!

It loaded now! Idk what happened previously

Not loading, tried both Chrome and Ffx. Also the screen appears to be too high for evena  full-screen browser. Maybe make it a download? Or check what's not loading?

What a wonderful experience, please make this a full game!

Incredible experience. Way too short, you should really expand on this!

This is so cool! I love FEZ, but I am stuck here with deciphering the alphabet, it seems to be inspired by the one in FEZ but not an exact copy. Any hints? Could not find a pangram like in FEZ...

Wow, just finished it. Really cool! I love the idea and got used to the implementation very quickly. The themes and philosophy behind them are quite captivating, you should definitely expand on this!

So good! Great atmosphere, music, story, gameplay, awsome! 

Wonderful quality, gameplay, art and story! The ending was especially good!

Thanks, I'll try the latest version. I may have had an older build.

Really great. The graphics and the atmosphere are awesome and the story, wow!

5/5 but how to visit a different destination?

Spectacular, absolutely spectacular!

This was great! I am so glad when a gamedev uses real life lore/mythology/history/etc in their games

What a wonderful gem of a game. I couldn't stop until I finished it. Loved it!

The actual game doesn't load and I'm stuck at this view. Any ideas?

Loved this. The atmosphere, the aesthetics, the mechanics. Also the music is really neat.

First Unity game ever to crash and make error dumps.

It's really good as it is but I will definitely also play the final version 👍

Loved the idea. And the whole game for that matter!

Wonderful game, I love the aesthetics. The single bug/glitch I got is this:

Also, I confess I didn't have enough time: does something change after the first cycle/circuit around the islands?

In any case, a superb experience!

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If you mean the white guy who transfers you to the library, I talked to him while in another form and he sent me there. Now he shows just 3 'grumble' characters and nothing else. Thing is, before closing the game last time, he did transfer me there. And I was like 'no, not the library again' (it's cool but I already did it once... It was enough) so I closed the game and said I'll play later. When I got back I'm in the main town and with all the doors closed. 

This is also why I'd like to restart it but idk where the save file is...

Edit: these are all the rooms that I can access:

I don't remember any particularly colorful room... Before the fish, and before getting the cat tokens, the character was nestorine or neomine, can't remember which. I plan on replaying it but before that I can upload the save data if it helps you (currently goldfish in main town, all doors closed). Speaking of which, any idea where the saves are stored and/or how to start a new game?

Hi! I use the most recent one available here. I bought and downloaded the game from here, 4 days ago. I'd really like to help you guys understand what's happening to the windows build, or make me understand what should I do, I really really like this game since I first found out about it (and given I don't use iOS that's been a loooong time heh).


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Hi, I am playing the Windows version and I haven't find any red pillar but I went through a lot of areas, including the library were the white god teleports you, collected the cat tokens and now I am a goldfish in the main town and can't go through any door. What should I do?

Edit: While really trying to find out what to do, I looked for a walkthrough. The iOS walkthrough I found shows red pillars and doors which are monochrome in the Windows version. Also, in the Windows version the cat is the one that has all the doors opened, the fish has all of them closed thus resulting in a dead end sadly.

Wonderful and atmospheric. A definite favorite!

Really cool, loved the atmosphere. The surrealism and pleasant loneliness of exploration plus some of the tunes made me think of TRI, another first person puzzle with a definite dreamy aesthetic.

Really cool! Is it considered complete or will you expand it?


Really cool, loving the atmosphere.

If it's not an error that closes the window and if you can still see the credits it's not a "real" error. As for the password, I honestly can't remember it now just that it's very obvious once you get the good ending.

I solved it the next day. Congrats to you as well for finishing it!

I did it, thanks for the encouragment!

I love it, the music, the atmosphere...

I don't know what to do after I collected enough gems so that the fog is really thick. I've talked and activated all moth statues (one after the fog, though, and it had just "NS" as reply). I thought the southeastern tower opened a sort of door or something but nothing's changed.

Also, don't know what to try as password...

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Really nice atmosphere, colors and mechanics. I think I encountered a bug though and can't advance: pic. the light on the level under the character stays on even after removing the robot, even when changing screens and coming back.

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The download doesn't work. The archive is corrupted (windows version).

What happened to your account? "This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations." What did you do o_O