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A great game, the story was awesome! I loved the humour, really made me chuckle, and the famous writers were really well defined!

Beautiful and so, so cozy, loved it!

Really great story and puzzles and wonderfully atmospheric, captivated me from start to finish. Congrats!

Is Heritage and a domino piece the end of the game? Waited for something to load...

This was wonderful, the story, the graphics, the humor!

I can see it is also a love letter for LucasArts, especially MI2.

I think this is the best adventure game of 2020, ngl, really, really impressive!

Really cool, making you think yet relaxing. Wished it had a save function tho, I had to leave it and now I'd have to replay everything...

Interesting concept but suffers from

- bad menu design; I entered the menu, wanted to go back and in fact this closed the game

- even if short, a save system would help

- a serious lag when the "Where am I?" screen is shown in the beginning.

The graphics and idea are really good though.

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Really fascinating aesthetic and strange story, definitely something to watch for a full release!

Ok, now I finished the whole demo and wow, definitely looking forward to more of this!

I love the graphics and atmosphere!

And the first door after you get 3 cassettes it became a bit too hard to continue playing tbh...

wonderful concept and execution. Love the (quasi?) pixel-art graphics as well!

Great aesthetics, music and atmosphere. The story is intriguing as well, curious about what happens next.

I think there might have been a bug since I didn't get anything from under the carpet. The two nails were clickable but did nothing. I didn't finish the game and left it at that.

I'm stuck in the forest-room, I removed the carpet but now what?

Besides that and the bugs regarding the text overflowing I think the concept is pretty solid and the execution is quite nice, including the animations and the music. Making it truly immersive by having a coherent (alt) world would be the thing to truly bring this game into its own.

Interesting concept, played once but at the moment I wouldn't play twice.

Besides what others said, you should really remove mentions of 'f**k', 'football', 'DJs' and other things that just break the atmosphere and have no other purpose (is this a world with football and DJs? cool, make it look like that then - in which case I even more wouldn't bother playing it, but at least there would be some sense)

Really great atmosphere and graphics! It would be awesome to have a full game looking at this demo.

Great idea and implementation, a real pleasure to play this!

Really great concept and execution, hope you'll make a full game of this!

Awesome, downloading it right now!

I'd so play this if it had an exploring / no-time pressure option.

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thank you for making this free!

Haha, I didn't want to spoil the ending so I used ROT13 to encode it. It's an old cypher used online when you couldn't use spoiler tags and such.  You can use or the like to encode/decode.

Thank you for the reply!

So chill and soothing, real nice!

Woah, a great experience! Really captivated me, well done.

Is there any alternative ending [rot13] rkprcg sbe zretvat jvgu gur pber?

Wonderful experience, I loved the controls and the way of telling the story. Also, damn fine aesthetic.

It made a great first impression, my comment from almost 4 years ago is still here. I won't say to hurry but the mechanics and controls were already really great (that's what really makes or brakes such games) and the story/content is something that always can look like needing "a little more" (polishing, details, etc) but that also means becoming stuck in limbo.

In any case, thanks for your reply, it's good to see it!

So... This game is never coming out. Too bad, really could have been a nice one. 🤷‍♂️

Could be a good game otherwise. Those things made me drop it after 15 minutes.

I completely agree, the game is too opaque from the very beginning. 

Deadeus community · Replied to garetth8 in

No, I gave up tbh. Maybe I will revisit this game one day when there will be a walkthrough or at least some hints to get the good (?) ending.

Deadeus community · Created a new topic

How to get one?

I haven't found a heart either... I thought the knife is for that and even tried it on the girl but it still results in just a skin, even after being gifted 10 flowers. 

How does one get a heart in this game?

Such an interesting experience, great atmosphere. I used this as the background music:, it felt really good for some reason.

This is incredibly chill, cute and clever. Congrats!

Incredible quality, awesome professionalism. Congratulations guys, I just finished it! My only suggestion would be a label/indicator for where the mouse is, or hotspot highlight as there were some quite infuriating pixel hunting moments.

Though again, wonderful realization and experience!

Wonderful experience and atmosphere!

Wonderful little gem!

It loaded now! Idk what happened previously