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So... This game is never coming out. Too bad, really could have been a nice one. 🤷‍♂️

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We're obviously pretty far behind where we said we'd be at this point (2018? yikes), but, progress is still being made on the game. I have a big update in this works, including things like getting this page up to date, our Steam page set up, etc.

I know I haven't been very good posting info here, I'll try and be more proactive about that in 2020. Keep an eye out, I'll have something more official posted soon.

I'm sorry if I've let you down with delays, but I'm glad you're still interested in Puzzle Depot and I'll do my best to make it up to you.

Thanks for reaching out!

It made a great first impression, my comment from almost 4 years ago is still here. I won't say to hurry but the mechanics and controls were already really great (that's what really makes or brakes such games) and the story/content is something that always can look like needing "a little more" (polishing, details, etc) but that also means becoming stuck in limbo.

In any case, thanks for your reply, it's good to see it!