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A horror game for the original Gameboy! · By -IZMA-

This is great.

A topic by pirateshackle created Aug 24, 2019 Views: 1,095 Replies: 6
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Just started but it seems to work perfectly.


Hey this is awesome! I LOVE seeing pictures like this.

Just incase you missed it. there was a patch that went up on the main game page, you can redownload for free if you run into anything :) 

Hope you enjoy the game!

Welp with 1.2 I guess it's time to start again.  I got 5ish endings. I haven't figured out how to get a heart though.

I haven't found a heart either... I thought the knife is for that and even tried it on the girl but it still results in just a skin, even after being gifted 10 flowers. 

How does one get a heart in this game?

To get a heart you must gkill the girl when she is at the bench. Ive seen a video of it, but the guy used savestates, wich makes the timeline too complicated to understand. You talk to her, and i guess you do some other stuff every day, untill she asks you to enjoy the sunset on the mountain, and you kill here there, without going on the bench, as that end the game.

You have to give her all 10 flowers that can be found through the map. She'll then give you a special flower (for the ritual), and in the third day she'll invite you to see the sunset. Kill her like the other dude said.

neat! Ive been playing it on my gba but i cant find the heart