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Best thing I've seen so far is 5 dead in 3 days; two by mountain lions, two by bear, and one starved. Chloe was never given food from the very beginning.

Because of the attacks, they didn't get any work done. Next day, all the food they find is ruined by pests. Day 5 the remaining 7 stay in camp to rest and starve to death.

How the hell do 8 people starve to death in 5 days!


    * Jamie: killed by a lion
    * Harry: killed by a lion
    * Lily: killed by a bear
    * Emily: killed by a bear
    * Chloe: died of hunger
    * Sophia: died of hunger
    * Charlie: died of hunger
    * Hannah: died of hunger
    * Anna: died of hunger
    * Zoe: died of hunger
    * Claire: died of hunger
    * Alice: died of hunger


Actually 3 days without food is enough to wipe the party!

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I didn't realize until I read the actual rules that food includes water. 3 days no water will kill you.

I had the entire party dead in five days, thanks to a class clown accidentally sabotaging all food-gathering operations for two days straight.


In my first playthrough my entire party died in 4 days(!) because they preferred arguing to food gathering.

Happens to real-life castaways all the time!