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I came here for the same reason, I found that many of the product sold by Silent Wave Press are just prints from your generators. I wanted to find someway to contact you. But it looks like you’ve already been notified. Very uncool that they are profiting off of assets you created.

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I didn't realize until I read the actual rules that food includes water. 3 days no water will kill you.

You can optionally download the rules for the original game this is based off. Link in the game description.

- Crush: Pick a Castaway to have a Crush on. If
that Castaway ever spends the day resting, this
Castaway slacks off from their job to tend to them.

I noticed pressing "c" will open up the cast of characters and their traits, but there are some issues associated with it. clicking anywhere on the cast, to move it or close it, will count as clicking for the sake of going to the next day.

Additionally, the cast window has to be closed and reopened any time there is a change to the cast, such as a death or new trait. This means closing it will skip a day, and opening it again will block the view and you have to move it, skipping a day.

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For me, Billy was the Cadet, and often went off on his own to hunt. He frequently returned with plenty of meat for the group, until the day he didn't.

Cadets seem to produce a lot of food but are always doomed to die. When I have 40+ food, you don't need to keep hunting, man!

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Best thing I've seen so far is 5 dead in 3 days; two by mountain lions, two by bear, and one starved. Chloe was never given food from the very beginning.

Because of the attacks, they didn't get any work done. Next day, all the food they find is ruined by pests. Day 5 the remaining 7 stay in camp to rest and starve to death.

How the hell do 8 people starve to death in 5 days!


    * Jamie: killed by a lion
    * Harry: killed by a lion
    * Lily: killed by a bear
    * Emily: killed by a bear
    * Chloe: died of hunger
    * Sophia: died of hunger
    * Charlie: died of hunger
    * Hannah: died of hunger
    * Anna: died of hunger
    * Zoe: died of hunger
    * Claire: died of hunger
    * Alice: died of hunger

the first couple times I ran this they were all saved in a week. Finally I got a group that spelled disaster. 

The popular clique kept slacking off and ended up letting 3 people starve in just over a weeks time. After that, they finally started pulling their weight, but only if they were all together. Food no longer became an issue, so the camp improved consistently. The popular kids kept taking holiday every week and only once came back with gifts. 

By the 4th week, the raft was ready, but destroyed in open water. 2 drowned. When the rest got to shore, a bear attached the camp and mauled 2 more. Thing began falling apart.

Feeding everyone was less of an issue with half the group gone, but jungle madness became a regular thing, 2 people vanished into the jungle within a day of eachother and another was snatched up by giant birds, only to return days later. When they were there, it was difficult to get work done. Slowly but surely, they built a second raft.

Immediately, the raft was smashed on the rocks, 3 more died. Now only 2 remain; their spirits are broken. They often spend time in camp, not working. When food runs out, one of them will get enough food to last the two of them several days. They stopped getting wood and just demolished the camp. A tidal wave washed away whatever was left. 

Day after day, they just sit there, burning their camp and only getting food when needed. On day 61, Phoebe spontaneously combusted. Sarah is alone now, she has stopped trying to get food. She starved a day later.

This one was much more interesting, because the popular clique CHOSE to let some of the unpopular group starve. After that things got better until bad luck (or bad sailing) continually thwarted their efforts. The rest spelled disaster as time went on.

first time I played I was not sure what to expect, got in a back and forth stalemate with the Rus until the Danes came out of nowhere. Victory in 454 turns. 

Second time I played, expanded outwards fast until I saw an enemy, fortified the islands that they could see and built siege ships rapidly. Victory in 164 turns. I noticed on this second run my tech level was advancing way faster than my enemies, since I took many central islands and kept them from expanding. They never even upgraded their warriors to armor, let alone get siege ships that could attack me back.