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the first couple times I ran this they were all saved in a week. Finally I got a group that spelled disaster. 

The popular clique kept slacking off and ended up letting 3 people starve in just over a weeks time. After that, they finally started pulling their weight, but only if they were all together. Food no longer became an issue, so the camp improved consistently. The popular kids kept taking holiday every week and only once came back with gifts. 

By the 4th week, the raft was ready, but destroyed in open water. 2 drowned. When the rest got to shore, a bear attached the camp and mauled 2 more. Thing began falling apart.

Feeding everyone was less of an issue with half the group gone, but jungle madness became a regular thing, 2 people vanished into the jungle within a day of eachother and another was snatched up by giant birds, only to return days later. When they were there, it was difficult to get work done. Slowly but surely, they built a second raft.

Immediately, the raft was smashed on the rocks, 3 more died. Now only 2 remain; their spirits are broken. They often spend time in camp, not working. When food runs out, one of them will get enough food to last the two of them several days. They stopped getting wood and just demolished the camp. A tidal wave washed away whatever was left. 

Day after day, they just sit there, burning their camp and only getting food when needed. On day 61, Phoebe spontaneously combusted. Sarah is alone now, she has stopped trying to get food. She starved a day later.

This one was much more interesting, because the popular clique CHOSE to let some of the unpopular group starve. After that things got better until bad luck (or bad sailing) continually thwarted their efforts. The rest spelled disaster as time went on.

The Populars are bad for the group. They are so bad that it makes me doubt if I interpret the rules about them correctly.

There are very few things in the game that have positive effects, and plenty with potentially-crippling weaknesses. Especially if the little castaways are driven by internal AI instead of one or more humans who can account for those weaknesses...