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Thank you very much for the game. I just bought it. I've been playing it for an hour and a half and I've loved it. The criticism of the Spanish site doesn't do the game justice, so I usually don't pay much attention to those things. My experience has been very good, only that I got scared when I started the game in Windows 10 because it didn't run. I gave administrator permissions and compatibility with Windows 8. After a minute and a half I was able to play at ease. I was wondering if the soundtrack can only be obtained through Steam or if there is the possibility of acquiring it right hereThanks again and success!

Hola, I will update the game soon because the version is old. I hope it will fix some problem. You can always get Steam version: I will soon update more keys.

About soundtrack: Please send email to me Thank You.

Hola! ;) Thank you very much for the Play With Me update on the platform. I have an account on Steam and I have the video game in my personal catalogue. But to be honest I try not to have many games on this platform. I'm a supporter of the DRM-Free philosophy. I use more platforms like, Gog, HumbleBundle, IndieGala precisely because I can get video games with DRM-Free. In fact I just added Play With Me to my Gog wish list in the hope that more people will join the request to bring their video game to Gog platform. I'd love to see your video game in Gog! About the soundtrack I will contact you at the email address you gave me during the course of this week. Thanks again to you, very kind and I will wait with a lot of emotion for the update in of the video game. See you soon and a hug!

Haha Thank You.  I have your e-mail. Unfortunately I have a lot of work to do with my new game now :D... I'm happy to put games on GOG etc. (but it's hard: D). I like DRM-FREE too.

Thakn You.