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Thank You.


Demo on Steam or

No problem.

Thank You.

Thank You

Thank You

Thank You. There will be a sequel, but not this year.

Thank You. Yes, it's more of an adventure game with a horror theme.

Thank You :D

Thank You for video gameplay :D. I'll check the item issue, new update coming soon and add option to disable letterbox in new update. Thank You.

Thank You :D

Thank You for feedback, gameplay and bugs :D. Do you want to fix subtitles ing ame (scription)? I'm preparing another update.
フィードバック、ゲームプレイ、そしてバグに感謝です :D。ゲーム内の字幕(スクリプション)を修正したいですか?別のアップデートを準備しています。

Thank You :D. Soon I will update the Apartament 1406 on, because there is a new version on Steam (you can choose the difficulty level etc.)

In short: Apartament 

Long: Some time ago I released a game called Resoraki, which is not an English word. Now I have decided to do the same. Apartament (Polish) = Apartment (English) <-- as you can see there is little difference, many people may not even see that the letter a should not be there.  

Anyway, the correct title is, of course, "Apartament 1406", but You can use Apartment 1406.

Unfortunately, sometimes when I write Apartament auto-correction changes the word Apartament to English "Apartment". I will check the descriptions later to correct this. 

The "Apartament" comes from... the French appartement meaning larger apartment, which in turn derives from the Italian appartare :P.

Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying the game and the use of the surroundings. I can't wait to continue refining the game and providing new updates :D.

Thank you for a fantastic lets play. The chair is also a weapon. There will be an update soon that will add options to change the difficulty of the game.

Thank You :D. In the new update I will add a difficulty level so the fight will be easier. For now, it's good to use an ax and weapons as a last resort, and explore rooms to find ammo, items, etc.

Thanks for the info. Yes, I understand you (you talking about context/referencing ) and you're right, but the point here is that it's part of the game not description (and in THE IMPOSSIBLE DLC and THE IMPOSSIBLE 2 this will be explain more). THE IMPOSSIBLE is not a just a puzzle game ( ). So, if you only focus on the description/context, you're right 100%, but if you play the game and talk with PATCH you'll understand it, then you change your mind, but for example: if the moderators (Itch) want, I'll delete the post or change it, but that's part of the game.

Thanks for the info, generally the first dark mode was a pong game and first black & white TV. You'd have to play THE IMPOSSIBLE to understand the context. This  description is from Steam (there the game appears first), You also would have to search the internet  & PATCH to understand it. Mini spoiler: In the description of the game, for example, there is "They watching You".

I'm glad the game works. I hope in the future there will be less problems with games on Mac :D.

Thank You :D

Thank you! It's great to hear that you're also here :D.

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Thanks for your understanding, but... you have to do it quickly, because the refund is probably available for a few days? Otherwise you won't be able to return the game. For example, on Steam or Epic you have 14 days to refund, I don't know about

Anyway, check out the new version (THE IMPOSSIBLE Mac 64 alternative version - 160MB) and let me know if it works, if not:

1)  Make a refund or write to me I will give you another game
2) Alternatively, there is a way to run THE IMPOSSIBLE without any problems, but you must write to me (I will send you instructions... :P)
3) Another option is to run VirutalBox or Virtual Machine to run Windows and download THE IMPOSSIBLE for Windows from

I remember when Apple deprecated/not supporting OpenGL, problems started to arise, but I don't know if that's the reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. (


Mac 10.15.7 is Catalina ? Sorry for the late reply. But Airem = one person and I'm currently working on another games...

1) I can prepare a new update (1-3 days) and You will check if it's OK (I think on I can upload versions for MAC 10.15.7) if there is still an error you have to ask for a refund or I will send you a key for another game
2) You can also run IMPOSSIBLE in a different way, but you must write to me at
3) Or show this post and ask for a refund How are refunds handled - Questions & Support -

Let me know what are you going to do?

Thank You. There is no license for now, but I'll try to fix it later.  I create new projects now, a lot of work... Airem = one person.

Mini license:
- Commercial and non-commercial projects (games, movies, apps, youtube, music, soundtracks, audiobook, trailer etc.)
- You can modify these sounds and create new ones (mix etc.)
- All sounds can be downloaded and used for free
- No permission needed,  no credits needed etc.
- In short: focus on the project, not the licenses (headache)

email me and I'll give you the key

When the remake of Play with Me  comes out  (which I am working on - see post on Steam), this version will be made available for free.  The new version of Play with Me: Escape room (remake) will be combined/paired with Play with Me 2: On the Other Side...


Thank You!

Soon there will be a major update (you will be able to add your own sounds and music or listen to something from the Internet). The soundtrack will be reworked and shared again. Sorry for the problems.

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Thanks. I fixed it, but I did not choose it. Maybe You can make a separate tab for this or move it elsewhere (I don't even know what it is), or maybe create a tooltip + info. A lot of people probably know what it is. But I don't use too much

PS. It has a nice red color (provokes).   

If there are no Steam keys, let me know in the comment (How to get a Steam Key from your purchase - General & Questions -

no problem :D

Hi sullen693 check the keys :D

Hello sullen693 Yes, I generate a new one (Valve must approve 1-3 days). I will check if I have any spare keys on the disk, then I will add them in a few hours.  I'll let you know. Thank You.