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Sure, no problem. If you can add me as a friend, my nickname TheAirem or my channel (only use secret command! Lopez) and leave me a message. I have some work to do, but I always reply to message :D.

When something is popular (minecraft) people often think it was the first, but it's not a true (Infiniminer, Rolbox), today it's IMPOSSIBLE to be "first".

It's hard it's true, but You can copy some ideas from THE IMPOSSIBLE if You like it :D.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Cool. If there are any problems with the game, let me know.

Hello, please check again and tell me if it's ok. Thank You.

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New update (1.10.11) is available! Now with Dark Mode (like in mobile apps): 

Hey! Sorry for late answer, but I was sick... I was updating the game right now. I added another control option. Maybe it will help? Or maybe you have any suggestions? Thanks for the message. You can use (WASD + QEZC, gamepad, mouse, or keyboard arrows up/down/left/up or left + up etc, or numeric keys). In the next update I will improve the mouse and check the touchpad (I will add some more options/configure, aybe a key binding?).

Please obey the rules.

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You are right, without Marcel Duchamp ( and others people like M.C Escher, there would never have been hocus, my game and others. There were a lot of such games because the idea was publicly available.

We always find some similarities (Hocus 2015, Edge 2008):

But I don't think it matters. If You like hocus play hocus etc., but THE IMPOSSIBLE is different, only uses the same idea.

But if it were the same (1:1), I will enver publishing THE IMPOSSIBLE. Thanks for Your message. Sorry for the late reply but I was sick.

Cool animation from 83'

Cool! :D. My email:, if You have soundcloud or youtube send me a link, I'm also on (type !lopez in registration room). Thank You.

Airem is a one-person studio, sometimes I create myself and sometimes I ask others for help. Do you make music?

New update is coming soon. Also, I added new Steam keys:

No problem :D

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For example Semblock from 2013 before hocus 2015 (there were thousands of games before hocus)

There was many games like this because we using the same idea (escheresque art style). But IMPOSSIBLE is different (check the trailer).

Maze illusion from iOS 2015:

Thanks. Your game is cool.

I'm glad everything is alright! Supporting Linux is very important to me. Linux forever :D.

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Thank You :D. About hocus: Yes, we use the same idea, but there are many differences: Linux version, story, voice over, 29 langauges etc., and of course the real PATCH AI (she exists -> ). It's worth checking out IMPOSSIBLE on Steam.

Check now and tell me if everything is OK. Thank You.

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Thank You for your purchase. I have to upload keys to from time to time. I will upload keys today or tomorrow, sorry for the problems.

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"Semblock" - Illusion Based Puzzle Game from 2013/2014:

Maybe you will play some day and see the differences :D.

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Edit: "Semblock" - Illusion Based Puzzle Game from 2013/2014 (before Hocus was relased, 2015). There was many games like this, because all using idea from Marcel Duchamp, Rogera Penrose, Escher etc., but yes Hocus is more popular.

Old post: No problem :D, this is your opinion. But there are many differences (this games only use the same idea).

PS. Airem is one person studio there is no "devs".

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Remember: You can get free Steam key for THE IMPOSSIBLE:

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UPDATE: I will soon (1-7 days) update IMPOSSIBLE + engine (maybe it will help).

UPDATE 2: And maybe You could check Steam version?

Hi reggiebrooks,

I checked windows 7 64bit on my old laptop for me it's OK. Could You run THE IMPOSSIBLE as administrator?

Or send me message:, I could create a "custom build" for you, maybe it will help.

Yes, it's a simple text file. If something goes wrong, let me know jtibbs :D. Thank You :D.

Thank You.

I always talk to the players (it's hard because Airem is one person), but I like to hear opinion, criticism etc., my games are for You. I implement my old ideas. There will be IMPOSSIBLE 2. Because that's just the beginning and it will surprise everyone. But thank You. 

Nothing is impossible :D.

No problem :D. Send message to me and I will send you the key. Unfortunately, I don't want to show it all, but I think if you watched the video to the end, you would see the main difference...

Please don't understant me wrong, but I don't have a time to searching Internet (some players waiting for updates). Also, the coronavirus has delayed many things... Airem is on person studio I also working on other projects and unfortunately many games either don't exist or are hard to find today, so you have to find them yourself if that interests you:

my quick finds:

It could all start here: --> and "Impossible shapes". Anyone could see it and make a game. 

We also have other games.


I think if you take the time you will find more of it. Hocus contains many levels. Perhaps maybe we will find similar work before Hocus on the Internet? I found some old works like (levels 1:1) from 1999 or 2005. If you've got any questions, feel free to contact me.

Impossible gameplay

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Two games using the same idea (Based on M.C. Escher impossible shapes) but different (it's simple shapes). Also please read the description of THE IMPOSSIBLE. There is 1000 games like Hocus. Before Hocus, there were a lot of games of this type.

There are 7.594 billion people in the world (I don't know how many developers but probably millions :D), what I want to say: put name of the game and someone will find another similar game for example puzz loop 1998 vs zuma 2003

Last time I created "Escape room" and later Sony released this movie "Escape room:

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If You have any problems with THE IMPOSSIBLE tell me. You asking me many times about monetize, so:

I give you permission to upload and monetize videos (youtube, twitch etc.) with THE IMPOSSIBLE (and my other games). THE IMPOSSIBLE is for people 13 years and older.

Please share your gameplay, I will share it on my social networks. Thank You.

Haha Thank You.  I have your e-mail. Unfortunately I have a lot of work to do with my new game now :D... I'm happy to put games on GOG etc. (but it's hard: D). I like DRM-FREE too.

Thakn You.

Hola, I will update the game soon because the version is old. I hope it will fix some problem. You can always get Steam version: I will soon update more keys.

About soundtrack: Please send email to me Thank You.

Thank You. Please send email to me

How to get a Steam Key from your purchase

Mac version is available

Game updated please check and let me know.