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Thank you very much! Great works! :)

They really turned him down! What is happening to GOG! :(

Thanks! :)

Wow! Thanks!

Thank you very much! :)

Thank you very much, I already bought the version on GOG!

I know some German, but not much. But I’m going to try it out and see how it goes. It’s very beautiful (the video game) and that’s a point in its favour. I would like to see the game not only in English and German. I’d like to see it include Italian and Spanish as selectable languages as well. I wish you good luck and will try the current version. Thank you and best regards! :)

I look forward to a DRM-free release, please. The game looks great. A DEMO wouldn’t hurt now. Thank you! ;)

Video game not available, why?


Thank you very much for the video game. I will give it a try. Good luck with the project. :)

Voy a probarle. Se ve alucinante. Gracias por esta demo o prologo. Espero que el proyecto no quede aquí. Un saludo.

Thank you very much for this first chapter or prologue. I loved the videogame from beginning to end. You can see the love and dedication put into this title. I want to play it all the way through. So I ask you, please, don’t forget the video gamers like me who like DRM-Free video games. I finished it in almost two hours a couple of days ago. And I’ve made a video with the DEMO gameplay. It is currently being uploaded to my channel. It’s a 13GB video. Soon it will be available for you to take a look, please. Thanks a lot and looking forward to the release of the full game. Regards. :)

Thanks! ;)

Zoeti community · Created a new topic WOW!
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Thank You!



Genial una versión para Linux. Enhorabuena, gran noticia. ;)

I am delighted to see how the development of this video game is progressing. You can see the care and dedication put into this project and the respect for the video players. It is gratifying to find new updates in a short time and to see how the game experience is more fun and solid. Thank you very much! PS. Please don’t forget to offer the public a DRM-Free version of the game here, on GOG or any other site or digital shop on the day of the official release of the game. Thank you very much for the game, the DEMO and the updates!

Happy New Year to you too with many successes to come! And thank you for responding and considering the possibility of a DRM-Free version! :)

Thank you very much. I will give it a try ;)

Hi, no problem, I just report the problem to you. Thank you very much!

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I bought this game in 2019 and since then it has never been updated. While on Steam it was updated to version 1.0.1. Paying to not receive an updated product and then getting it for free (Demo) leaves a really bitter taste in the mouth. Especially because some developers think that we itch users are fourth rate. It’s a pity because the game is amazing and the music is a delight to listen to.

Thank you for the video game. It runs smoothly on Windows 10 x64bits. Shame it didn’t include the Steam key when I bought it. But honestly it doesn’t matter as I’m not a big fan of Steam. Thanks and happy new year!

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I’m sorry but I don’t use discord. So I tell you here the problem I’m having to install the game on my PC. I have Windows 10 x64 and I can’t install the game because when I try to install it I get the following message that I attach in this screenshot. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. -

Edit.- Ps. I think the problem would be solved if you use a free packer/installer like innosetup.exe. In my particular case it has been impossible to install the game on PC. But thanks anyway. -

In a word: What a great video game! Thank you!

Hi! Please could you release a DRM-Free version on itch or GOG, or even Humble Bundle. I’d buy the game in a heartbeat, but the fact that it’s only on Steam puts me off a bit. One more thing to say: Great game! Thanks! :)

Great work on development.

Cool! It reminds me a lot of Hydro Thunder. Testing the DEMO. Thanks!

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I would like a DEMO on GOG to test your video game. Thanks!

I especially love RPGs. And this one in particular looks spectacular. I guess it’s made under the RPG Maker 2000 engine. It reminds me a bit of FFVI. I hope for an early release (a beta or a demo). Best of luck!

Mannux community · Created a new topic Cool Metroidvania!

Great! It looks magnificent.I can tell you’ve been inspired by Super Metroid on SNES. Thanks for the game, I’ll try it soon!

Excelente trabajo. Se ve genial. Descargaré el DEMO y lo probaré. ¡Gracias!

Thank you for the DEMO. A couple of things to say: It looks, plays and feels like a classic 80’s and 90’s game. It’s logical that it draws from classics like Final Fight. It would be great to include several special finishing, takedown, counter-attack and grappling moves that differentiate it a bit from the aforementioned classics. That would add a personal touch to the manufacture of the product or videogame. The music is great and I felt like I was walking down the alleys full of classic 80’s thugs. The simple scenarios are beautifully drawn. Animations such as illuminated signs, glitter in the sea, some sunbeams and maybe a passer-by crossing the street, among others, would be appreciated. It is a DEMO and I fully understand that. But maybe some ideas can help. I liked the characters a lot. I think the design is fun and cool. Keep going, please! Regards.

Thank you for all the work put in so far. A pity you won’t continue with what for me is a modern jewel of videogames. Thank you very much indeed! ;)

No seas caradura, sólo son $5.00USD.

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Interesting platform videogame. The design of the main character in the capture is very similar to the Chavo del 8. A Mexican comedy TV show from the 70’s. I’ll give it a try, thanks.

Hi. Thank you very much for the demo. I’ve been following the project for some time now and I’m really excited about its release. Cheer up and go ahead!