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The worst optimized game I've seen on here. Literally just bought all new parts for my system last week, running a 2060, Ryzen 7 3700X, 32 gigs of low latency RAM, and this POINT AND CLICK game drops to  sub-10 FPS when moving my mouse, even in the menu. In fact, if I move it fast enough, the entire game stops moving until I stop moving the mouse.

Cannot recommend.

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That's what most desktop ports of mobile games end up being. The bare minimum effort goes into the port so the developer can make an extra buck.

EDIT: Actually, it runs just fine for me. Maybe try again? They said on Steam that the first version was really bad and then there was an update that fixed it.

EDIT2: It was just updated again today. So yea.

Sorry about this both of you. Did you have any better luck after the updates?

We didn't do the desktop port just for an extra buck, we did all versions of the game so that we can make barely any bucks. Indie devs aren't exactly rolling in money ( or atleast, we aren't )

It recovers faster now so it is playable at least, but moving my mouse still slows it down  to 1 FPS until I stop.

If there's any sort of log file or if a screen recording or something would help I'm down to provide it
It's as if the game sees the mouse moving and devotes the entirety of its resources to  that and nothing else