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Hard to judge as people's brains see puzzles differently so some people may take a long time on a puzzle only for someone else to breeze through it but get stuck on a different one.

3 or 4 hours maybe?

In theory the page should still be active for previous owners though so maybe I've messed something up.

Sorry about this, for contractual reasons we've had to remove the desktop versions of Forever Lost, this is due to a remake being worked on -

Sorry about this! Do you get any kind of error report?

Hi! Sorry I didn't see this post but unlike on mobile all packs are included in the purchase price of the desktop version ( plus future packs too ).

Not all our games have hints, the best thing to do is check online for walkthroughs, join our discord, or email in for help.

Glad you liked it!

Thank you!

Sorry about the late reply! This looks to be a Windows specific issue and I think we fixed it.


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Oh good shout yea, didn't even think of that! I'm an idiot. I'll see what I can do.

Update: Can you try it now and see if that works.

Sorry only just saw this! The mobile versions are still available and there is a full remake of the PC versions coming -

A full remake is coming to PC and so for contractual reasons we removed the original PC versions. There will be stuff sorted for original players - 

It's delayed but still coming to Steam. We didn't realise Valve don't work on weekends when we set a weekend release date.

Haha, hopefully we've got a good balance between frustating but fun.

Yay glad you solved them!

SPOILER - Pay close attention to the note on the locked apartment door.

Thank you and glad you liked it!

Sorry, for the video issue - the ability to rewatch them was requested so I put in a setting for it in Settings ( Flashbacks > Allow Replays ) but annoyingly had it enabled by default. This has now been fixed but you may still have it enabled, so flipping it off will fix it.

For a clue, pay attention to the van outside...

Hey sorry this is a bug but there is a new version up that fixes it, please update and you should be able to continue playing straight away.

And thanks for checking it out!

Sorry about this! Can you possibly try the latest update and take a screenshot if it happens again, then send it to us -

Really glad you liked it! All will be revealed in the full game.

Can you select Show In Finder, then right click and hit Open and then Open again.

Sorry about this! I didn't see the message until now. Can you try the latest version as a lot of fixes have gone in since.

You sould be able to hit the right-mouse button and go back, or possibly the backspace key as well.

Sorry about this both of you. Did you have any better luck after the updates?

We didn't do the desktop port just for an extra buck, we did all versions of the game so that we can make barely any bucks. Indie devs aren't exactly rolling in money ( or atleast, we aren't )

I'll see what I can do yea.

Sorry about this! You should be able to right-click to go to the previous scenes as well.

I'll add in an update ASAP to have a UI back button on those scenes just to make it easier.

This is amazing!

We'd like to submit all of ours but as you'd prefer fewer we'll go with Veritas, and the Forever Lost trilogy.

Thanks! Hope you come back to check out the full release on the 12th of Feb!

Thanks for checking out our game and glad you liked it!

Just so you know, we don't really make it clear but when viewing the photo album you can press the little Pencil button to write notes etc on the photos, and the button to the left of that allows you to pop them out over the game to help solve puzzles.

Thanks! Not long now :-)