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Unfortunately, Elon changed Twitter so you have to have an account to view posts now. You might want to just copy and paste the comments here.

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Yeah, unfortunately it doesn't seem to allow it for the bundle version. Oh well. I'll just buy a copy and if you end up getting it sorted with Itch I'll just give the other copy to a friend : )

Is the Steam key only available if we purchased it directly? I got it in the Racial Justice bundle and don't have the Request Key button available.

if not it's fine, I'm down to rebuy it

so are the challenges and achievements Steam only?

Also, how do you get more cassettes? Is it only in a particular mode? Are they just sitting in the open or?

wdym? It didn't take my name from my computer anywhere in the game

If you havent got there yet, the ending very clearly sets up for a Chapter 2.

There is literally a backrooms level in the game. The Backrooms doesn't have to be about some entity, that was something that was added later. The original Backrooms was just a concept of empty rooms outside the bounds of normal reality.

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You need to download the update. This was fixed in the build yesterday.
Also, try looking at the other threads before making a thread about something that's already had a dozen threads made on it and is also in the stickied post at the top.

Hey Andrew, did you remove both panels or just the one? I don't think the second one softlocks you but it is still there just like the softlock one was. I'm working so I don't have a chance to check

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yeah it wasn't scary, he was a friend who just wanted a hug

i can get why you'd be scared at first but he never hurts you

I was sad that he didn't get more screen time he was my buddy

tfw it's 2023 and you're still using gay as an insult

uh yeah thats the point... whatever he was talking to on the phone wasn't the real police

skill issue

But no seriously that sounds like an issue with your keyboard or keybinds. I had an old keyboard where if you had three keys pressed in some programs it wouldn't let you press any more. I'd suggest updating the driver for that particular keyboard and rebooting your machine, but it definitely isnt a graphics problem

He's working on keys. Steam decided this to limit the number of keys they let devs give out to 5000 per game max, unless they approve it, so he's probably working with them on that.

uh you know the lazy river was already procedurally generated right? He even has a video up of how it works

The backrooms segment was already in the beta, and the "free" elevator as well as the theatre was not procedurally generated. So basically you're just saying that you didn't like the minigolf course. 

The beta was never scary. This is pretty much exactly what I expected from the full game - unsettling ambience and some lovely liminal environments to explore. I just wish there was more of it.

I'm sure he will ask for it, but it's up to Valve whether they will or not. It's out of his hands. 

You do get it. You get a DRM free copy here.

Steam literally just changed their policies on keys 5 days ago, he had no way of knowing they'd do that.

He appears in the pools in set locations. There is one at the bottom of the pool, he flickers in the middle of the room with the underwater walkway, he "chases" you during the locker section, and you can see him after you climb the statue in the mall bit if you go look back into the hallway before you leave.

Valve recently limited the amount of keys they will give any developer to 5000 base keys provided, literally 5 days ago. Developers can request more, but it's up to Valve if they want to provide them.

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Issues with the full build:

The junction boxes in the pool room have been removed, but you forgot to remove the triggers for the minigame. If you go to where they were and use the prompt, it softlocks you by locking the door permanently.

The windows in the same room with the junction box are... weird, you can see part of a mirrored surface and then a black box showing something on the other side

There are a lot of areas where light leaks around the corners of walls and underneath them.

Vsync does not work at all.

There are some tickets (under the bench in the theatre, and down at the bottom of the slide room that I noticed) that you cannot pick up.

It's hard to find 60 tickets in the main area, the spawn rate could definitely be upped. 

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well its up but I can't download it yet. It's acting like I dont own it anymore
UPDATE: works on the site but not on the itch app

Honestly it's relaxing for me, and not being alone was nice, means you have a buddy to hang out with : ) I'm sure the shadow man is very nice once you get to know him

why scared? there's nothing scary about it, you explore some neat environments and make a new friend who gives good hug

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Okay, so I'm surprised no one mentioned this.

I got stuck in pink world because the note says "The Father was messing with one of the chandeliers".

The item you have to interact with is a candelabra, not a chandelier. Chandeliers are the hanging light fixtures on ceilings. I thought it might be the candelabras, but after trying each one and it not working, I spent ten minutes looking for a chandelier before looking up a youtube video and realizing I must have just misclicked.

Also, in Yellow World, if you jump over the cart in the corn maze, you get softlocked.

This is probably a bit late, but the link you posted to Evil Potato's dice tool is broken

The true horror of this game is how bad it controls

Interesting, but insanely buggy. There are invisible walls everywhere, and if you jump into them you begin rising into the sky. You can bunnyhop up any terrain at all. And you can also head to the edge of the map and just hop off with nothing stopping you at all (you can also find the edge of the water, which stops at the end of the shore.

At this time, this just kind of feels like an abandoned tech demo.

Oh no, I mean that design is totally fine, I just wish you could press A to skip through text and that the cursor moved a bit faster is all. Since as long as you do it in the right order it's impossible to die, after the first run when you know what to do and just kinda want to reach the end to see the other stuff

I like the concept, but having to grind back through the same stuff again to get to each of the endings is tedious, especially with the web version and no way to savestate, and how slow the text and interaction is. I'd like to see it a little more responsive.

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Just because there were two sticking points for me, I'll give two tips here. They'll be below the cut.

Mushrooms - there is one wiggling mushroom stalk that makes noise when you approach it that you have to touch

Thieves - you have to touch the pile of money before they grab you.

Since there aren't any reviews here: Played on Steam, it's a very cute game that gets darker pretty fast. The plot, while I like it, does come off kind of ham-fisted at times, the villains are pretty one-dimensional and are introduced too late into the game cycle to be given any proper depth. But if you're looking for a futuristic enby life sim then this is great.

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It's neither, you have a slider that you can change at any time to pick male, female, or anywhere in between.

I'm curious, have you played World of Horror? Because your game seems to have started development before World of Horror came out, but the two games feel extremely similar in terms of gameplay and theming

It's not quite as brutal as this one, things don't kill you in 3 hits and the party members you get actually don't suck

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Have you played his other game No Delivery? It's so good

The difference is that Russia is raping and murdering women and children, attacking hospitals and schools, and committing war crimes left and right.

There is absolutely a valid reason to form an alliance to defend yourselves against that kind of scum.

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Actually terrible. Started game, there are missing textures, the crouch button literally doesn't work, the swinging of the pipe is extremely inaccurate, and you get a key that seems to do nothing and there's no door to use it on. You have a tunnel, a useless side room with a couple shelves and barrels, a save room, and a storage room (of which both the floor and ceiling texture are missing) with a body in the middle. As far as I can tell there is no way to progress.

This was not worth the bundle price let alone 3.99