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First half of the game was great. Second half is not nearly as good. Issues I noticed:

Crashed 3x going through doors
There's no collision on the wall to the right of the cafeteria door
Music in the devroom keeps cutting out (other audio does not)
Multiple puzzles on the second half are confusing and hard to parse (went to pikasprey's playthrough to look at those parts and he had problems at the same points)
No way to see what endings you're missing or how to get them

Yeah I'm sorry man, I don't want to be a dick about it or anything, I just felt like there wasn't enough there.

What I'd say is:

Either shorten the distance between the beacons, increase movement speed, or have something happen in between them;

Have some sort of additional exposition, maybe in the form of notes or something at each beacon or at spots halfway between them 

Some sort of interaction or an area that funnels you past some of the sentries so that you have to actively avoid them instead of just looping around them

Some sort of scenery, like the little area at the beginning with the rusted out bus and the other decorations was interesting, so was the crashed plane, but then it kind of stopped. 

It doesn't have to be huge changes just something more than "go here touch this". You have a solid base, you just need to expand on it

Okay, I'm sorry, but I have to say that I feel like the people giving it high ratings were just being nice.

The game took me 17 minutes to complete, and 15 minutes of that was just running across a featureless white expanse.

The "learn about your motivations" part never happened. You get like four lines of dialogue total, and none of them explain where Joanne is trying to go, where she came from, what she's trying to accomplish etc.

Same with the setting; other people are saying something about robots, but I never got close enough (or needed to get close enough) to any of the patrolling enemies to find out.

Honestly, games generally need one of two things to be good; fun gameplay, or an engaging story. This had neither.

I'd give it a 2/5, it rises above 1 because at least it isn't buggy and you don't get stuck on geometry or clip through walls or anything. But there's just... nothing here. You made a map, then plopped down 5 interactables, some mobs, and a few set pieces. 

I had fun. One minor bug that I didn't notice anyone else mention: If you click the button to put an orb in the number generating tank at the same time that the previous orb leaves the tank (there's about a .75-1 second window, so masterful reflexes not needed) the sound of the electricity does not play until you put the next orb in the tank.

I liked the idea, but it kind of started falling apart in the second half.

There are two full on softlocks I found:

If you try to hop into the elevator in The End level and miss, you fall down into a canyon where you can't move other than turning.

If you press Z at any point during the final level, you get swapped to a camera, but pressing Z only switches you to the other camera and you can't back out of it, meaning you have to restart the level.

In the last section with the forced perspective, if you walk out of the last doorway and then back in, the camera switches back to the hallway cam and you can't change it again. It's only a few steps to finish at that point so you can do it blind but, still annoying.

As for the end, I can't tell if it's bugged or not? It plays the cutscene, then returns me to the camera with no control over the little dude, I can again switch between cameras and nothing else.

Late reply, but if you go to where you spawned and look left, there's a guy on the other side of the fence that you have to kill. You have to go up the stairs and kind of push up against the fence to do it

Does not work in 4k, but it does work in 1440p

I mean I didn't expect consistency overall, but I did expect each one to at least be consistent with the game before it. Drip is the main problem, where Blanch went from clearly being the test subject to being the person in charge of the tests.

As for the length, I did expect it to be short, but some of them just felt ridiculously so. Swell was just a clone of that type game and barely lasts long enough to develop atmosphere. 16 was just "walk into the yard and collect 3 plants". Vale you grab two books and then die. Like, I'm not asking for game of the year or anything of course, I know what to expect from game jam-types, but at the very least it should be more than "I made a single room and put some interactables in it", that's bad form. A couple of the "collect x item" games did the same thing but that's already been brought up by other people.

Honestly, overall it's all right for a disjointed collection of games. It doesn't fit together at all, and some of the devs clearly didn't pay attention to the game before theirs, the most annoying part is when Ms Blanche goes from being the main character to a completely different character in a totally different role.

The super monkey ball clone is horrible. Organ of Eden is also trash, you can clip through basically everything and the collision is so janky that there are probably a dozen or more possible softlocks. Otherwise, most of the games are reasonably decent in terms of operation, although some of them are literally 30-second experiences at best.

I mean it's fine I guess? It was just a PT clone not done as well tbh with the walk speed set to "slower than a snail" and the mouse sensitivity pumped up so that if you jerk your hand you're going to spin about 1080.

The volume was an issue. I had to turn my speakers way up to hear the radio, then the sound effects were absolutely deafening. It needs to be normalized.

The scares were also mostly exactly what you would expect from each area. 

Particular issues I had:

Invisible walls stopping you from moving during events are a terrible immersion breaker.

The radio dude going "you ruined everything" doesn't make sense when you're not trying to escape, you're just casually strolling through a bunch of halls that you don't know anything about.

In the second segment, the painting on the back left is spontaneously floating about two inches off the wall. It doesn't seem part of a scare so I assume that's a bug.

No spoils you say after you literally spoiled it? Come on dude

I agree with this. The key in the jar was fine, I had no problem with that. The one in the frogshine room was okay too. The one I had an issue with was the one in the room with the frog lady, since I was coming in from the back door each time I managed to miss it on 4 or 5 passes through because it doesn't light up well from that angle. I'd advise adding a little sparkle or something to collectibles.

Speaking of items, I couldn't find the vinegar, is it actually in the demo?

Literally unplayable because either you get the flashlight later, or it isn't working, and the first hallway is so dark it's impossible to see anything

It recovers faster now so it is playable at least, but moving my mouse still slows it down  to 1 FPS until I stop.

If there's any sort of log file or if a screen recording or something would help I'm down to provide it
It's as if the game sees the mouse moving and devotes the entirety of its resources to  that and nothing else

 Okay, so I have some feedback to give on the game.

First of all, definitely pretty. As it should be. I don't have any problem with running it either at max settings on a 2060, or with movement or anything like that. The music is also lovely, and overall it is quite relaxing.

However, there are a number of issues.

Number one, and the worst in my opinion: The bloom and godrays are insane, and completely ruin it. The options menu says low light isn't recommended, but even with low there are still plenty of scenes that look like I'm viewing them through a foggy window. I've attached links of how bad it is with the light on High, and the issues still with it on Low.

Besides that, the fact that you can't walk even through grass from the path to the waterside seems silly. For an explorable environment, there shouldn't be invisible walls except at the boundaries of the explorable region, the physical objects should be the only boundaries inside it. And the slowdown to a crawl when you leave the path also seems to discourage exploration.

Less major, but still annoying, whenever you're moving and you go through or even close to a bush or branch, the game tries to focus in on that item and then focuses back out again. The result is that the entire screen just blurs out for a second and it's very jarring. 

I was going to say that the size of the area also seemed a bit low, but on reading the page it says you added a new area and a bunch of new features. However, I'm not sure how to access any of these, as you haven't put the controls anywhere in the game or on this page, and I've pressed every single key on my keyboard with no luck.

Actually, I went ahead and I looked in the Steam forums and saw that you said you don't start unlocking things until later. I get that you want people to find things on their own, but you should probably at least put an FAQ or some hints for people who have trouble or don't understand.

Same with the save feature. The comment of "It's annoying to reset your save anytime you want to start again" is just silly. If I'm playing a relaxing atmospheric experience, I want to be able to pop it open and go wherever I want instantly. I don't want to spend 20 minutes doing more work just to get to the place I want. I promise you, the vast majority of people will be much happier with a save and very few people would have any reason to need to reset the game, as long as you can port back to each area (as I assume you can).

Since he never responded, it just gives you an extra line of dialogue when you talk to the Showtime Puppet from behind the wall

help I somehow changed the text to French and I don't know how to change it back

I finished the game in about an hour.

Honestly, I don't think it's that DIFFICULT, most of the difficulty is due to bad controls. No offense to the dev, but there is no momentum mechanic, so the character doesn't keep moving in the same direction when you jump off a moving object, or let go of the movement key.

in addition, there are a few jumps that don't appear to have been playtested, the biggest is one where there's a couple sawblades right next to a checkpoint (luckily) where the gap is too high to clear with a single jump, but too low to clear with a double jump, so you have to kind of do a double and then awkwardly fall through the hole.

The spinning parts were also terrible in general due to no friction either.

In addition, there were multiple parts that could be cheesed, most of the falling platform sections were basically skippable, most of the sliding puzzles allowed you to just flick into a blank wall and reset or skip mechanics, and the final boss has a spot where she can't hit you at all.

I'd give it a 6. I'd say it's not that bad but as the 6th game AppStir's put out, it really should be better

The worst optimized game I've seen on here. Literally just bought all new parts for my system last week, running a 2060, Ryzen 7 3700X, 32 gigs of low latency RAM, and this POINT AND CLICK game drops to  sub-10 FPS when moving my mouse, even in the menu. In fact, if I move it fast enough, the entire game stops moving until I stop moving the mouse.

Cannot recommend.

Goku, when you zoom out, the sky gets lighter the closer you get to sunrise

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Uh... why is it literally double the price here that it is on Steam?

And why does the description reference stretch goals? Did you just copy/paste from your Kickstarter and not bother to edit it?