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I'm sorry to hear it's not going to be completed...

However, I would stil love to play the demo, and the Mac version doesn't seem to open. Any advice? I'm probably wrong but I'm thinking the download is for iPhone, not Mac? It's much smaller than the other downloads? But I might just be grasping at straws here.

Yes i believe that is the case. You can try to download it through steam greenlight they have a mac version there that I bet actually works. Here is the link on there website after they got green lit hopefully this helps and you can use one of they ways they have avaiable to download it! Link:

Thank you!

No problem! I love this demo and I wouldn't want someone who could possibly love it as well not get a chance to play it.=~)

um it dose work for the Mac I know bc I downloaded it on my really old Mac so yeah