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Thank you!

I'm sorry to hear it's not going to be completed...

However, I would stil love to play the demo, and the Mac version doesn't seem to open. Any advice? I'm probably wrong but I'm thinking the download is for iPhone, not Mac? It's much smaller than the other downloads? But I might just be grasping at straws here.

Fabulous game! Really enjoyed it!

Rod, Karma and Waltz were my favourites.

Thanks so much for creating it.

This is incredible! I'd say it's one of my two favourite visual novels ever! (And I've played a lot of them!)

I also favour female protagonists, so I started playing this with some trepidation, but a few minutes in and I was hooked. I like it so much I've played it four times! In a few weeks I might go for a fifth play XD

Can't wait for the second part. (And thanks for making it free. Much as I would love to pay I don't have a credit card so I can't. Amazed that something so good can be free...)