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I did play that bad end at like 3 AM and it made me cry and also spooked me 

I love this game so much, and I was wondering is there was going to be a fan book for it?

oh, ok thank you very much, that clears up a lot of things😁.

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hi, love your game Re-Alistair, I love the look of this game to, and I really want to play it but it’s so  expensive, where I live it’s  double the price listed,  on the website it’s listed at $29.95 USD but where I live it’s twice the price which is  nearly 50 dollers, witch is really  expensive. And I understand why, it’s  because it’s high-quality art with voice acting included and animation, and I’m fully  prepared to pay for that,  but I think it’s a little bit overpriced but I know you worked really hard on the game,  but how are people gonna Buy the game if they don’t even have enough money to buy It? 

omg I love this game so much and I really need more Rayner in my life

Can I please have a Rayner route DLC X3

omg I love this game so much it’s got me blushing and  squealing so damm hard like omg you got Mettaton’s  personality   Absolutely perfect And I really hope there is a  sequel 

Loved it sooo much thank you so much for making it like the art is amazing and the one where he is biting his lip had me dying😍

omg omg omg I can’t wait for this game it’s gonna be soooo good just Halloween otome witch I loved soo much!!!

the song is called memories you can find it on youtube thats how i found it   :)

hi i wanted to ask do think the vday otome will be out this year?

it wont download I've tried like 5 times  

um it dose work for the Mac I know bc I downloaded it on my really old Mac so yeah

omg I love it soooooo much and I can’t wait to play the full version and I wish I could donate but sadly I can’t sorry but keep up the great work!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

i love this game so much and i cant wait until valentines day otome comes out i hope its this year :D 

Aww I wish I could play this game but I can't because I have a mac

And no a window

I love this game it was really good but it did take a bit for me to get tomato soup's good ending but it was worth the 2 weeks I t tool me to get it.❤😄

wow I loved this game so much but it did take me a bit to get a different route from the eldest brother and I'm not sure if I got the routes but I love the game so much ❤😄

i love this demo so much i've played it so many times i cant wait for the full game to be released <3 :3 :)<3

yeah but it confuse me at some points in the game i still wouldt chang it for the worl and srroy for the typos

np and when i wrot this coment i had not played all the routs but now i have and loved the ending and lance is my favort rout <3 :)

ok thank you ill injoy for shor <3

up I've tried several times to download the game and it wont work no madder what i try. help pleas

i just finshed playing the daniel route so good i apslotly love the game <3 :3 :)

i named the teddy bear daniel in the daniel route hahahahhhaahha <3 :) :3

um the game wont download agin :) <3

omg love it so much i finshed all the routes yet but i played jake's route first so good thank you <3 :D

that happend to me to hhahaha i was so ashamed of myself im glad that i wasnit the only one and sorry for typos.:)

ok thank you and i loved the demo it was great <3

um i wanted to ask why is lance not at the end of the jake rout you dont see him at all?

hi i just wanted to ask do you think the vday otome will be out on vday?<3

I will thank you again you are amazing ❤😄

it worked thank you :) <3

thank you I'll try it out tomorrow 🙂😁

i want to download the game but it wont work and i've played all hallows eve and was very good.

i really liked this game even though it was short and the art was so cute <3

hi i loved halloween otome it was a very good game and i enjoyed the other games you released to it was very detailed and can't wait for valentines otome :) <3