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I loved this game! I came from playing another game I was excited to play and it ended up making me slightly sad an disappointed instead. So I chose to play this game hoping it would cheer me up and boy did it!  I enjoyed the characters and the plot was amazing I hadn't played your other game but now I am definitely will! I also liked the personality of all the characters you did because you did stick with some of the 'normal formula' that visual novels have but made a huge twist with those formula's and it's amazing how you twisted it but made it work so well with the personality of the characters in such a way I could never see them be any other way! The only errors I saw was some grammatical errors they were not enough to take me out of the plot but since when I play visual novels I tend to read out loud I ended up noticing them when a sentence was either missing a word or a mistyping occurred.  I also have a question to ask you which I normally prefer to ask in a more private setting but I will ask this way. First I would like to mention I am a YouTube gamer because of this I tend to record when I play games just in case I end up enjoying a game. I also do this because I end up having many problems recording(since i'm still a new YouTube gamer). The reason I mention this is because I want to ask if you mind me posting it on YouTube. If you do, I do not mind one bit since I understand that making something  you created it is like your baby but even if you don't I would at least like to send you the video so you can see some suggestions I made while playing. They were not major things just some minor issues like I mentioned above but I think it would probably still be helpful for you as you move on with this project. I can not wait till the full release of this game and I will be eagerly awaiting its release no matter your response!

I  can't wait to play this game but before I did I wanted to know if you mind people recording there play through of your games at all? 

I love this it was very funny and cute!

Hello, I did a play through of this game and recorded it. I just put it up on YouTube today. I loved the game. I had big amount of trouble with recording it but the game itself ran smoothly and it was fun to play. Even when I had to record it again it was as fun to play the first time around as the second. I am really excited to hear you are going to remake this game to bring it to its full potential. I look forward to playing that one! 

I played this game and did a bit of a review of it. I forgot to post this right after I uploaded it so you will notice it has been up for a couple weeks. I hope you enjoy my play through of it!I was not as energetic as I can be so I apologize for that but I recorded this right after a game that took a bit of patience and energy out of me before playing this. 

I love this! It is so cute and fun!I made a youtube video of my playthrough of it. =~)

 Here is the link: 

No problem! Okay, I will take a try the new release and I will definitely try to check out the basement in it!=~D

No problem! I love this demo and I wouldn't want someone who could possibly love it as well not get a chance to play it.=~)

Hello, I played your game and even made a video on it which I will share with you at the bottom.I realize this is the first one which is why I am not going to be too critical but I want to tell you the major problems I had with it and things I faced. First off the graphics of your game are good and I enjoyed the glowing face on the window. There was only a couple problems that I had with it, one of which is a pretty big one, you used the sound of static in your game, which would be fine but it was so loud I could not even hear the continuous music that was there in the background. The 2nd problem is one I am betting you will change eventually anyway but still at least want to let you know about it is the continuous music you were trying to use does not fit the kind of setting you are trying to portray. The last and final one I would like to mention is the controls. I am glad they work but they work tooo well, they are so touchy that 50% of the time I was always without fail looking at a wall because moving the camera or myself would move it really fast it in one direction and I would find myself at and against a wall. I hope this helps and I hope to see more updates to this game. =~) (Also one more thing I want to add the text you have throughout to tell the story is really light and hard to see when using the flashlight.) Video link:

I am so sorry to hear that you will not be able to release a full complete version. This is such a wonderful game plus idea and it is sad to hear it will not be able to be completed. It still is an amazing game even if you only left it as a demo and never released anymore of it. I played it and put a youtube video up on my channel about it if you want to watch someone who loves adores your game no matter what. I know you and your team will do great as well as amazing work in the future and I can't wait to see more of what will come from your collective creative minds. Youtube link:

Yes i believe that is the case. You can try to download it through steam greenlight they have a mac version there that I bet actually works. Here is the link on there website after they got green lit hopefully this helps and you can use one of they ways they have avaiable to download it! Link:

I made a video on this, I am planning on doing a whole series play through for it. You can watch it at the this link.

I enjoyed this game. It had many jump scares which always get me but can still get way too repetitive if done too many times. Since this game was short it was fine for all the jump scares it had but if you plan on making it longer ever I suggest putting other horror game elements in it. I did a short video on this game so if you want my full thoughts on it see it there and here is the link to it. I am Stronger and Sassier than you!| Choke

I love this game! I was sad it was just a demo and even knowing it was unfinished, I would find myself sad when parts weren't done due to how amazing the art style was and looking forward to what different scenes would look like in it. I can't wait for the full game to come out!!! Also thank you so much for making this game and I can't wait to see what the finished full game will be!

I enjoyed playing this! Love all the characters. The only thing I didn't like about it so far is a very minor thing the color of the text. At least for me I don't know if it did this for anyone else but the colors were very neon and hard to read sometimes because of it but besides that it is an awesome game!

I am glad the interaction with me was a awesome experience.=~)

-Jules GamerSleuth

No problem! I figured I probably didn't need to but I still like asking because I know I would like a heads up if I made something and someone wanted to do a video on it.=~)

-Jules GamerSleuth

I will definitely put a link to my play through when I'm done with it so you can see it as well. And thanks so much for your permission! It definitely looks like an amazing concept!

-Jules GamerSleuth

Is it okay for me to do a online play through of your Time game on youtube? I am a new youtuber and I have yet to put out a video but I would like to do this as one of my first videos I do if you do not mind. Even if I can't im still so excited about this game so you will still hear feedback from me playing it by myself. =~)

-Jules GamerSleuth