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I loved this game! I came from playing another game I was excited to play and it ended up making me slightly sad an disappointed instead. So I chose to play this game hoping it would cheer me up and boy did it!  I enjoyed the characters and the plot was amazing I hadn't played your other game but now I am definitely will! I also liked the personality of all the characters you did because you did stick with some of the 'normal formula' that visual novels have but made a huge twist with those formula's and it's amazing how you twisted it but made it work so well with the personality of the characters in such a way I could never see them be any other way! The only errors I saw was some grammatical errors they were not enough to take me out of the plot but since when I play visual novels I tend to read out loud I ended up noticing them when a sentence was either missing a word or a mistyping occurred.  I also have a question to ask you which I normally prefer to ask in a more private setting but I will ask this way. First I would like to mention I am a YouTube gamer because of this I tend to record when I play games just in case I end up enjoying a game. I also do this because I end up having many problems recording(since i'm still a new YouTube gamer). The reason I mention this is because I want to ask if you mind me posting it on YouTube. If you do, I do not mind one bit since I understand that making something  you created it is like your baby but even if you don't I would at least like to send you the video so you can see some suggestions I made while playing. They were not major things just some minor issues like I mentioned above but I think it would probably still be helpful for you as you move on with this project. I can not wait till the full release of this game and I will be eagerly awaiting its release no matter your response!

Hi, Jules! Thanks for visiting and leaving this warm review! I just woke up and this made my day ^^-

I'm glad to know my game cheered you up! And yes, grammar error has been a long time problem that I'm still fighting now >< I already have 2 proofreaders, but somehow, something always managed to escape our radar x_x (Maybe I should read it outloud like you o.o)

I still have a long way to go but I hope you'll bear wih me if if there's more grammar error in the future :'D 

And yes! I'm flattered you think my game is good enough until you want to make a video and post it on youtube >\\\< the suggestions in there will definitely be a good guide for me to notice the grammar errors and other things. You can post the video link here or find me at a facebook fanpage: SweetChiel's Visual Novels

I'll post your link over there too! People might come to your channel for a walkthrough after all x')

Once again, thanks for your support and I hope to see you around!