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Hello, I played your game and even made a video on it which I will share with you at the bottom.I realize this is the first one which is why I am not going to be too critical but I want to tell you the major problems I had with it and things I faced. First off the graphics of your game are good and I enjoyed the glowing face on the window. There was only a couple problems that I had with it, one of which is a pretty big one, you used the sound of static in your game, which would be fine but it was so loud I could not even hear the continuous music that was there in the background. The 2nd problem is one I am betting you will change eventually anyway but still at least want to let you know about it is the continuous music you were trying to use does not fit the kind of setting you are trying to portray. The last and final one I would like to mention is the controls. I am glad they work but they work tooo well, they are so touchy that 50% of the time I was always without fail looking at a wall because moving the camera or myself would move it really fast it in one direction and I would find myself at and against a wall. I hope this helps and I hope to see more updates to this game. =~) (Also one more thing I want to add the text you have throughout to tell the story is really light and hard to see when using the flashlight.) Video link:

Thank You For Your Comment and wile a new release has already come out I will be taking your advise in the next build.  But i do think you should check out the basement ;)

No problem! Okay, I will take a try the new release and I will definitely try to check out the basement in it!=~D

Yes and many new things are being done to the game and being added like updated textures so i suggest following the development of HELLO HELLO 

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