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A very sweet little game. Funny thing is, when I mentioned this jam to my mother, she pitched an idea similar to this. I'll have to send it to her to check out :).

The music is very nice to listen to and I love the kazoo (?) cuz it makes it sound more kid friendly :)

My only suggestion is to change the odds for the slot machine because I played it with almost 50 coins but never won, so I don't even know what happens :'(. Maybe have the odds increase every time you don't win?

Also I ran into an error on the slot machine page after a little bit. I think it was because I kept removing and adding to my photo album, but when I would reenter the slot machine game it would pop up the following error:

And the coin graphic on the side as well as the number of coins weren't showing up.


Thanks for the thorough feedback! The odds for the slot machine should always be 1 in 36. Perhaps you are just very unlucky or perhaps the problem is related to that bug you found? I will investigate. Do let me know if you're Mom tries my game.

As for your game, it is GORGEOUS and has so much potential. I hope you expand it in the coming months. I will be Following you to see if you do.

Aw thanks, I appreciate it! With that luck I guess I shouldn't go to a casino anytime soon :P