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hey thanks for taking my comment into consideration and actively trying to make donut dominion into a better game but cancelling all momoentum of the enemies once player exits their sight was a bad idea. this kind of kills the speedrunning potential of the game and forces players to play more agressively. also it takes more computational power since every frame the player is not in sight they try to cancel momentum. I feel that this game wuld be better if you removed enemy stopping but final decision is yours. again thank you for listening 


Thanks for your comment; I always try to take in criticism and see how I can improve. Speedrunning is almost always going to be in any game, but here I didn't think of that as one of my focuses. I made this game for a game jam where the themes were donuts and war zones, so I wanted an equal focus on platforming and shooting. Having enemies plummet to their deaths often would take away from the latter category. I appreciate your feedback though.