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Oh, I see! Thank you! I may try another occupation, but I want to clear the game as a cartographer first, though mechanic would have been my second choice, so I'll definitely go with that next, then.

I don't think the demo is too short, actually. Well, it IS short, but it offers a nice amount of choices so you can really see the game's mechanics, and you get to understand the characters just enough to make you interested. I've played longer demos that didn't left me as fascinated by the game simply because of the lack of choices and all.

And don't worry, I can understand that you want to focus on your main project. To be honest, Queen's Crown is one of the games I'm most excited about at the moment, so I won't complain about that haha! I think I've played the demo for that one three times by now!


Man, I don't dare play the Queen's Crown demo. Romance, adventure, influenced by my favorite old school RPGs... I think it's best for my mental health if I just forget the thing exists until I see an announcement somewhere that it's been released.

Took the words right out of my mouth (or, typing, so ... fingertips?).


Well, I've played it, and it's great, but yeah, I suggest you forget about it for now if you don't want to die, as it's far from completion XD