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Hello! Sorry for the belated response; it's Konstantinos and I absolutely love the map you came up with. Also, though a rarity having 2 factions and 1 district is actually possible, and, besides, Ex Novo not being a competitive game always allows a bit of freedom when it comes to interpreting rules.

Thanks so much for trying out little game though :)

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To follow up: Konstantinos is right, that you generally end up with more than 1 district, unless you're aiming for a very small village.

However at the start of the game (after founding, before development) it is in fact pretty much the norm. You always start with only 1 district and between 1 and 3 factions.

And the Warfare (111-166) is not a typo. The event table goes from 111 to 666 but every first digit has its own theme. 111-166 is Warfare, 211-266 is Politics etc...

But the one about village is right. Good catch!

And lastly: Great drawing!